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ZAWIROWANIA DANCE THEATRE (Poland) | AURA'24 Dance Festival archive:



50 FACES OF EVA (performance)

Choreography and dancers: Elwira Piorun, Maga Radłowska, Paulina Święcańska
Premiere: 2014
Duration: 60 min.


Three women. Three worlds. Three incarnations. The 50 faces of Eva presents three totally different female characters. They have different origins. They come from different places. They build different relationships with men. Dancers show strong and independent businesswomen. Women who are closed. Women who are liberated. Women who are dominant and women who are dominated.

What do you think, how many faces has “Eva” nowadays?

Photos by Kasia Chmura.

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One Brand – Three Zawirowania (swirls) – Dance Theatre, Dance Academy and Dance Theatre Festival! The focus of all three activities is to make contemporary dance more popular and increase its cultural impact.

Zawirowania Dance Theatre was established in 2004 under the Contemporary Scene Foundation’s auspices.The founder and the director of Zawirowania Dance Theatre is Mr. Włodzimierz Kaczkowski. From the beginning the artistic director of the Theatre is Ms. Elwira Piorun, who used to be a soloist of the Polish National Ballet. Almost since its inception, Zawirowania Dance Theatre not only actively involved in the cultural processes in Poland, but also showing it’s performances at the festivals around the world, starting with European neighbors, through Asia, Africa finishing on North and South America.

The initial performances were based on classical dance forms of Polish National Ballet. Only in 2007 the “After Hours” project transforms them into a modern dance ensemble turning the emotions to motion.

Since 2009 Zawirowania was involved into many international projects, worked with foreign choreographers and created such co-productions as “Chopin Ambiente” and “Fuera de Campo”(chor. D. Abreu, J. de Torres and D. Merlo, Spain, 2009), “Closeness” and “Y.A.N.A.” (You are not alone; Tomas Nepinsky, Slovakia, 2011). A tight cooperation with Israel resulted with premieres “Navigation Song BD303” (chor. Irad Mazliah, 2013), “Rust&Engage” (chor. Ido Tadmor and Rachel Erdos, 2013), “Out in the line up” (chor. Nadar Rosano, 2014). The performances created in cooperation with foreign artists were always a great success.

Together with Contemporary Scene Foundation, Zawirowania Dance Theatre organizes International Dance Theatre Festival “Zawirowania” which is held in Warsaw since 2004. The festival is focused on international cooperation, which includes repertoire exchange, workshops, artists’ and managers’ meeting.