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EGRIBIANCODANZA (Italy) | AURA'24 Dance Festival archive:



DANCE DANCE DANCE (performance)

Choreography: Raphael Bianco
Dancers : Elisa Bertoli, Maela Boltri, Melissa Boltri, Vanessa Franke,Alessandro Romano, Vincenzo Criniti, Vincenzo Galano, Cristinan Magurano
Music: David Hykes, John Cage, John Adams
Premiere: 2012
Duration: 75 min.

The title of this piece is inspired by the novel of the visionary Japanese writer Haruki Murakami: dance is considered as an action, in order not to shrink into oneself, overcome difficulties and gain new dimensions of existence, consciousness and fullness.

The performance has three pieces: Sacred Dance, Secret Dance, Simply Dance.

In Sacred Dance the focus is based on the sacred origin of gesture, communicating physically and spiritually with the transcendent. In Secret Dance the gesture is seen in its seductive aspect.

Finally in Simply Dance the dance is showed in its most popular aspect: a way of having fun being together, the playful aspect of dance through all the dance styles and genders.

Photos by Simon Vittonetto.








“EgriBiancoDanza” company is one of the most important modern and contemporary dance companies based in Turin, with a strong historical heritage. It is directed by one of the most important Italian choreographers Susanna Egri.

The company was founded in 1999 as a means to promote dance creation and education. It inherited the experience of Egri’s previous company “I Balletti di Susanna Egri”, one of the most representative Italian dance companies of the last 30 years. Today the company is co-directed by the resident choreographer Raphael Bianco, a student of Susanna Egri.

The choreographic style of the company is based on solid ballet training, mixed up with the variety of styles of contemporary works. As a consequence, its repertoire is made of both neoclassical ballets and contemporary dance choreographies.

Since 1999 “EgriBiancoDanza” has been invited in many international festivals worldwide: in Argentina, Hungary, Malta, Greece, Serbia, Russia, France, Portugal, Chile, Belgium, Bosnia- Herzegovina and all over Italy.

Supporters: Italian Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, City of Turin, Fondazione CRT and Compagnia di San Paolo. Main Sponsor is Studio Rolla SRL.