Kassel Theatre / Johannes Wieland  | Germany

Johannes Wieland is the Artistic Director/Choreographer of the resident dance company at the State Theatre of Kassel, Germany. A native German and former principal dancer with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne and Berlin’s State Opera, he established his company, johannes wieland, in New York in 2002. Since then, he has been developing a singular body of work that has garnered critical acclaim from The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Village Voice, and many other national and international publications, amongst them Dance Magazine, which cited him as one of the “25 to Watch” in January 2003. His duet, shift, won Germany’s 2004 Kurt Jooss Prize and he is also a winner of the 2004 Hubbard Street 2 National Choreographic Competition.

In addition to leading his own companies, Wieland was Associate Artistic Director of PARADIGM (New York), and is a guest choreographer and teacher at companies and schools around the world.

Wieland’s choreography employs an architecturally driven understanding of bodies, movement and space probing deeply into the human psyche to create an abstract, metaphorically rich repertory for his company. As part of its integrated approach to performance art, the company utilizes a rigorous developmental process to explore various situations of causality. This intense process motivates a close relationship between dancers, composers, designers and other collaborating artists.


“Roaddkill” is an evening length piece by Johannes Wieland utilizing choreography, text, and video. Two critically acclaimed performers, Eva Mohnand Ryan Mason, portray characters stranded on an airplane landing strip. Delighted in their surreal situation, they watch the inevitable chaos of life unfold.roadkill features an original sound score by Ben Frost.

Financial Times London:
"Johannes Wieland’s ingenious roadkill transpires on stage, on screen and, most suggestively, in between."

The New Yorker:
"The German choreographer’s “Roadkill” is a duet for an extremely charming pair, Eva Mohn and Ryan Mason. Or, rather, it’s a quartet, since the couple onstage are joined by another version of themselves on a screen behind them, cavorting on an empty landing strip as though they were in a sixties musical directed by Quentin Tarantino."

Duration:  60 min.

Choreography: Johannes Wieland
Music: Ben Frost
Video: Johannes Wieland
Dramaturgy: Thorsten Teubl