Karel Vaněk | Germany


A land is released, after it was taken. A prisoner will be dismissed from the custody and stands with a bag of old belongings in the freedom. In summer we have a barbecue under free sky or have a bath in the nude if this is permitted. " I am so free " is a winning justification
to arrogate things, remarks, actions. If a nuclear power station gets out of control, radiation becomes free. The maximum freedom is deadly: Vacuum is a popular metaphor for lack, absence and emptiness. The so-called "horror vacui", the fright before the emptiness, natarely connects us to people. When man "avoids" emptiness, he fears the freedom without structure and purpose. Is freedom only the Fantom? A fantom, the ghost which haunts us in the head and body? A necessary utopia like love, God and luck?

Co production Černá Vaněk Dance and Theater Brotfabrik Bonn.
Premiere: 21. January 2010 in the Theater Brotfabrik Bonn.

Idea and directed by  Karel Vaněk
Choreography and dance:  Lina Puodžiukaitė, Olaf Reinecke, Karel Vaněk
Dramaturgy:   Guido Preuß
Stage design:  Frank Chamier
Light design:    Markus Becker
Text: Guido Preuß, Karel Vaněk
Music: Alva Noto, Ryuji Ikeda, Taylor Deupree