Il Posto and Marco Castelli  | Italy

The Company Il Posto was started in 1995 by the choreographer Wanda Moretti and the musician Marco Castelli. It is a project that integrates movement, sound and the environment, it is the relationship between man and space, starting from the concept that everything is movement.

Wanda Moretti, choreographer, specialized her studies on dance on the systems of the proportion and harmony of space. In particular, her artistic work focuses on movement in relation to works of art, set machinery, as well as urban and natural architecture. Her research focuses mainly on the influence of structured space on human movement by means of a detailed analysis of perception and subjects linked to twentieth century and contemporary art.

Saxophonist and composer, Marco Castelli is an eclectic artist: not only does he work in the field of jazz but also in theatre, dance and the vast field of intermedial performance.

Exuvia, vertical dance performance 2009 from wanda moretti on Vimeo

Vertical Dance Performance “Exuvia”

The performance takes advantage of the double meaning of the Italian word “muta”, which can be read as transformation as well as silence. And it is precisely through an animal metamorphosis that the show kicks off, with the unusual and troubling presence of animals on the buildings’ walls. Such animals can shift into human bodies and are able to move on a ninety degree inclined plane.

“Exuvia” challenges gravity by using the void, the aerial dimension and the forms of landscape as a stage. Therefore, a new, unexpected and uncommon point of view, a different visual perspective is presented to the audience, spectators of a change of setting, that shifts into different figures, visions and forms.

Live music – simultaneous to the dance – completes the creation of which the audience and location are integral figures. The video act enhances new visual angles, multiplies the perspectives and enables the audience to observe from several points of views.

For a second, there are no borders nor roles, because everything has become a unique space gathered by the presence of the bodies, a space that changes only through movement and music.

Concept and choreography: Wanda Moretti
Wall dancers: Marianna Andrigo and Elenea Annovi
Music for sax, loops and live electronics: Marco Castelli
Costumes: United Colors of Benetton