Alias / Guilhermo Botelho | Šveicarija | Switzerland

Moved from Sao Paulo,  at the age of nineteen, he was already dancing for Oscar Araiz. After ten years of performances, research, odysseys and adventures, he decides to stop dancing at all costs. He has little desire to produce an elitist conceptual piece - fashionable at the time - for people who could tell him in the end: I don’t understand anything.

Thus he creates the company Alias. The desire to dance differently. The desire to directly affect the audience and to place it face to face with itself. Faced in away with its proper dance. The desire to create with his dancers, to be listening to their bodies and their voices, to their most intimate concerns. Because it is the dancers who make the performance.

Sideways rain (rehearsals) from Alias/Guilherme Botelho on Vimeo.

„Sideway rain“PREMIERE (R-18)

Everything was already there. Already in motion even before this man, who goes. The movement, the principal object of his presence, was already there! The movement comes from so far. Continuous it continues. Relentless movement born of a comet, a rock, the sea, of a random bacterium.

Even without man, movement. The animated particles wandered, aiming at misunderstood magnetization. Then, came the spark of water and of the rock in this body, which can only move forward. Only knowing to do so. Immobility always against his chest. Driven by the expansion of himself, of his own cosmos, there draws it to him. It is humanity in a single one.

He falls, rises. He falls, disappears. Others come from the shadow to replace him anonymously. They are constantly emerging from the sceneries of the moment.

Sometimes, fantasies, limping in all kind of ways. Other more distinctive manners to cross space. But whatever one does, loneliness will always be accompanied by a single movement towards the inescapable. Towards the motionless which is held there. All against his chest, who goes.

The steps, the moves, the man stands upright. His head at its highest. He leaves the beach of his birth, the earth and its mud. Always the same direction to follow whatever the refusal of the general rage. He attempts to cross without going towards, without wanting to, but the course towards nothing dominates him.

Head in the air as his head down he tries desperately to escape, the hand on the centre of himself, on the centre of the world he believes, the hand on his stomach. He meets the other, the same one, one time. But everyone obeys this first purpose, which is that to go towards. Whatever happens.

If not this man will fall into his own disappearance. Therefore, everyone takes the inexorable path. The inconceivable directs their steps.

Duration: 60 min.

Choreography: Guilherme Botelho
Assistant: Madeleine Piguet Raykov
Music: Murcof (Fernando Corona)
Costumes: Marion Schmid, after Julia Hansen
Scenography: Guilherme Botelho, Stefanie Liniger
Set construction: Stadttheater Bern, Atelier GGN-Martin Rautenstrauch
Outside eye: Gilles Lambert
Light: Jean-Philippe Roy
Technical director: Barthelemy Mc Cauley
Performers: Stephanie Bayle, Remi Benard, Stanislav Genadiev, Erik Lobelius,Philia Maillardet, Alessandra Mattana, IsmaII Oiartzabal, Madeleine, Piguet Raykov, Julien Ramade, Claire Marie Ricarte, Adrian Rusmali, Candide Sauvaux, Nefeli Skarmea, Christos Strinopoulos.
Administration: Cecile Buclin
Touring & communication: Richard Afonso

Coproductions: La Btie, festival de Geneve // Thetre du Crochetan // Thetre Forum Meyrin.

Financial support
Ville de Geneve, Republique et canton de Geneve, Pro Helvetia -
Fondation suisse pour la Culture, Commune de Meyrin, Fondation
meyrinoise pour la promotion culturelle, sportive et sociale, Fondation
Corymbo, Fondation Leenaards.

A part of the choreographical material of Sideways rain has been created with the dancers of the Bern:Ballett.

Alias benefits from a three-year convention with the City of Geneva, the State of Geneva, Pro Helvetia-Swiss foundation for Culture and the City of Meyrin.