A.lter S.essio | France

Fabrice Planquette – artistic direction / sound design / video / programming.
Fabrice Planquette, the artistic director of A.lter S.essio regularly invites guest artists to collaborate on work projects. Each guest has his or her own language, sensitivity and perspectives. FP worked mainly as sound designer and composer in the large field of experimental music, sound poetry, installation and performances. He has collaborated with many dance and theatre companies since 1997. In 2007, within the group A.lter S.essio which he directs, he begun series of performances in collaboration with international artists. He was awarded the 2006 Villa Kujoyama grant in Kyoto.

loss | layers from www.labomatique.com on Vimeo

Loss | Layers

Three elements are simultaneously developed : sound, image and body. Two fights that question situations of loss (bearing, identity, balance, control) in a hostile world. The image seeps into the body. The spectator is lost between illusion and reality. Doubt and fright gradually set in, inducing the spectator to notice tiny significant details and enter into a feeling of resistance or acceptance in front of overflow.

These performances are both performed within a restricted space, a white square surface, lit up only by a vertical video projection, with audience around it, on three sides or in front according to the version played.

Conception, sound design, video: Fabrice Planquette.
Choreography, interpretations, costumes: Yoko Higashino, Yum, Nelson Reguera
Design: Matthieu Levet, Cécile Attagnant
Video technique: Erik Lorré, Thierry Wilmort
Production: Panem Et Circenses