The anniversary 20th International Festival of Modern Dance

The anniversary 20th International Festival of Modern Dance will take place in Kaunas and Vilnius on 18th - 26th of September. The Festival annually attracts not only the most prominent modern dance troupes from all over the world but also new discoveries in the scene. Its 20th birthday will be celebrated together with guests from USA, Brasil, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy.

It is not an accident that a significant part of the 20th Festival program is collected from performances of  loyal to a festival troupes. And unseen troupes where selected by the festival head choreographer Birutė Letukaitė during visitations to the different foreign festivals and dance platforms.

2010 premiere will be shown by well known German-born choreographer Johannes Wieland who currently works in New York. The music for this performance “Roadkill” was created by glamorized experementalist Ben Frost (Iceland). Italian troupe Il Posto will show the first performance of vertical dance in Lithuania. It will be performed on the facade of M. Zilinskas Art Gallery in Kaunas.
Dance theatre AURA will show two premieres. The first one is an appearance of dancers amid St. Christopher live orchestral music played by 28 musicians. And the second one is an interdisciplinary performance created by AURA dancers together with Spanish theatre “Manantiales”. The inspiration for this performance  was drawn from the life stories and oeuvre Jonas Mekas and Federico García Lorca.

The festival will present five performances labeled R-14 and R-18. By these performances the organizers promise to accustom  viewers to an open and naked body which turns into the object of contemporary art on the stage.