Provisional Danza  | Spain

Most of the performative arts are based on the ephemeral and almost sexual relationship with the spectator. The objective of Provisional Danza is to unravel our realities - conscious and unconscious - involving both interpreters and public in an expressive atmosphere, creating tension and a sense of expectancy and, above all, interest within a certain sensory agitation through the highest technical and aesthetic rigor.

Carmen Werner earned her masters degree in physical education – Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Classical and contemporary dance in London, Barcelona and Madrid with Christine Tanguay, Carmen Roche, Julia Estévez, Hans Zülig, Anna Koren, Mathilde Monnier, Viola Farver, Julie West, Kevin Smith, Jean François Duroure.

Throughout her career since 1987, when she established her company, Provisional Danza, Carmen Werner has created more than 60 choreographies, 4 video-dance and short-films.

“Irresponsibles” (N-18)

“Irresponsibles” are little stories about persons. The interpreters introduce themselves without hang-ups in their good moves and doubts. They are driven by their tastes and move through games, gluttony and vanity...

It is a work set out from an outright elegance, an elegance given by savoir-faire and experience. They are persons who assume their place an play with it.

The piece is bathed in many colors, and, in accordance with what the title suggests, in freshness and humor. The scenes are chained by the comings and goings of presentations and actions from theater to dance. – D. Abreu

Duration: 56 minutes

Dancers: Tatiana Chorot, Sara Sanz Román, Lucio Baglivo, Javier Sangrós, José Luis Sendarrubias, Carmen Werner
Stage design: Rocío Rivera
Light design: Pedro Fresneda
Video: Diego Oritz
Photography: Rocío Rivera, Piti Prieto
Original soundtrack: Masahiro Hiramoto
Director’s assistant: Tatiana Chorot
Stage direction: Daniel Abreu
Choreography and artistic direction: C. Werner