Mikołaj Mikołajczyk  | Poland

Mikołaj Mikołajczyk graduated from the ballet school in Poznań and started his career there as soloist and choreographer with Teatr Wielki, Polish National Opera. Next followed: legendary Henryk Tomaszewski and his Wrocław Pantomime, Polski Teatr Tańca, and a couple of seasons in Karlsruhe and Berlin. He danced in performances by choreographers Mats Ek, Birgit Cullberg, Olaf Schmidt, Anatol Fodor and many others.
All of this experience – theater, dance, mime – gracefully weaves together into his performances. If one could collect all his work, one could easily draw a map of interrelations, citations and inspirations. Mikołajczyk also belongs to that specific category of artists who like to talk mainly about themselves. But his egocentricity acts more like a “dream catcher”, capturing the visions of the audience.

Waiting (2006) is his first solo as a choreographer. It was followed by With You I Want To See the World (2008), inspired by Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

„Waiting“ (N-18)

Waiting. Loss loneliness abandonment remembering jealousy lack of self-confidence looking back sorrow diffidence jealousy and then day waiting for the evening dark night they’re watching i feel relief nobody sees me jealousy i am alone nobody is here jealousy i fell good i fell relief nobody watches.

Life has dispersed somewhere, fled just a moment ago. The realization that it was just a moment ago is the worst. It is not even emptiness, not even despair, not even nothingness. But it has the strength of an injured dog and something horribly primeval, embryonic. God does not help. After all, who likes to repeat the same gesture twice. “I myself have to create myself. But how, when with every breath my body creates thousands of antibodies against itself? Nevermind, I said, come on, let’s try living.”