Theatre Manantiales (Teatro do los Manantiales) is a space of creation compromised with a series of artists proceeding from diverse scenic and artistic disciplines, from here and from there: to discover the public thirsty of really contemporary projects; to guarantee a path as have been done by company members since 1995. Theatrical, artistic and cultural renovation in a city stopped in the time. From 2002, company opened a new space – the third one – where the creative water continues running and does not stagnate: every time they are more tributaries without need of transfers millionaires of doubtful intentions. Theatre Manantiales has bet for the cultural resistance.

“Speculations” ("Especulations") 
Choreography: Ximo Flores
Dance: Cristina Nunez, Rafa Linares
Lighting design: Ximo Rojo
Duration: 45 min
Premiere: 2004

Ximo Flores tackles the somewhat confusing tradition of the Tomatina, a festival in the small town of Bunol, near Valencia in Spain, where it is the done thing to throw really ripe tomatoes until covered up to the nevel…

Between scorn and seriousness, this Tomatina of another age, but which continues to be shown on televisions around the world, is the starting point for a reflection on being “together and separate” about relationship between bodies and the ritualisation of violence.

Beautiful sublime when the red and naked bodies of two energy-charged actors (Rafia Linares and Cristina Nunez) slide across the stage, Especulaciones wonderfully expresses the Iberic movement of these last years, denunciation and humor carries by an assertive aesthetic.

More information: www.teatrodelosmanantiales.com

Sponsors: Nonameradar, Teatro do los Manatiales, Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana, INAEM, Ministerio de Cultura, Ayuntamiento de Valencia.