Dance Theatre AURA | Lithuania

„Aura“ is eldest theatre of contemporary dance in Lithuania, with longest experience; single municipal professional modern dance theatre in Lithuania. It is well known in Lithuania as well as abroad. Birute Letukaite, now - well known choreographer and educator, in 1980 has established dance company, which has grown to Theater “Aura”.

Theatre has represented Lithuania contemporary art in various international cultural events, had performed in more than 25 countries; participated in more than 140 international festivals. “Aura” has raised many dancers in contemporary dance field in Lithuania.

“Aura” is collaborating with many different choreographers (32 choreographers from 14 different countries); organize social-educational programs; creates interdisciplinary art with artists of different fields. Creative activity of Theatre was awarded by various awards in Lithuania and abroad.

First International Festival of Modern Dance was organized in 1989 by Aura Dance Theatre. This event becomes tradition in Kaunas and meaningful event Lithuanian cultural life.

“This modern dance company has a freshness and passions for their art that many western companies have lost…” South Wales Evening Post”, Great Britain

Choreography: Karel Vanek in collaboration with “Aura” dancers
Dance: Rasa Danilinaitė, Lina Puodžiukaitė, Rūta Lelytė, Audronė Leškevičiūtė, Mantas Stabačinskas
Music: Alva Noto
Lighting design: Markus Becker
Duration: 26’
Premiere: 2008

You are walking
And you don't always realise it,
But you're always falling.
With each step you fall forward slightly
And then catch yourself from falling.
Over and over you're falling
And then catching yourself from falling.
And this is how you can be walking and falling at the same time
Laurie Anderson

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