MARCEL LEEMAN Physical Dance Theatre | Switzerland

Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater produces emotional, physical challenging dance theater which confronts audiences with humor, passion and an unexpected rawness. Leemann’s works are based on structured improvisations using his distinct movement language. Collaborations with DJ’s, VJ’s, composers and writers contribute to a rich creative process. MLPDT works with a core group of dancers, and invited guests.


Choreography: Marcel Leemann
Dance: Marcel Leemann, Azusa Nishimura
Music: Iker Gomez de la Hoz
Video: Oliver Neubert
Lighting designe: Silas Bieri
Duration: 55 min
Premiere: 2006

Steel is hard. Even if steel is a bullet. Does it feel warm when it digs into one’s brain? Does one still hear the shot? Does one feel the tears the moment that one realizes: It shouldn’t have happened! Nishimara and Leemann develop intense phobias in the 10 by 10 square meters. “I don’t want to live”, “I want to die” are dark verbalizations within a suicidal atmosphere that are supported by ingeniously mixed video sequences (Iker Gómez de la Hoz). The dancers enjoy the glamour of danger and the physicality of their task. But why should someone with so much self confidence – even if it is for show – commit suicide?

“... no detail is spared in this painstaking treatment of the taboo topic of suicide. It can get under your skin, and it also raises the question of responsibility. The piece takes this responsibility seriously, dealing with all aspects of the depressive yearning that eventually lead to suicide.” 100 m², ensuite (CH)

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