BEN J. RIEPE | Germany

Independent Düsseldorf-based company that started in 2005 and has produced and performed many full length productions in various international locations.

“amour espace”
Choreography: Ben J. Riepe
Dance: Fa-Hsuan Chen, Simon Hartmann, Deborah Gassmann, Linda Nordström, Daniel Ernesto Müller Torres
Music: Alex Alves Tolkmitt
Technician: Guido Panreck
Costume design: Anna Kleihues
Lighting design: Dimitar Evtimov
Duration: 60 min
Premiere: 2007

“amour espace” explores the future of the human body: Rough forms, open structures, grayscale sketches in clear bright light. Bodies that flow between the trusted and the unknown, figures that connect their identification to being/becoming different, identities presented theatrically – exhibitionistically – or narcissistically reflected in the construction of the self, probing the boundaries between reality and fiction.

In their desire for escalation the characters are repeatedly confronted by dramaturgic breaches. This way they always remain captives to their compulsions and aspirations, just like the uniformed lovers on their forever path to the kiss that never happens.

A deconstruction and reconstruction of the body. In his choreography Ben J. Riepe explores a synthesis of high emotional force and abstracted patterns – artistic physicalness is contrasted to animalistic and libidinous eruptions. The production is characterised by a reduction of theatrical techniques and devices, a precise research of movement and a chilly aesthetics.

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