2008-10-01 |  Men Can Dance - and They Do

It seems unlikely nowadays.  Somehow we have come to accept that men do not dance – or that it is only men with a certain orientation do it.  We do not even ask the question what might have happened that after thousands of years of dancing men stopped doing it.  Have we not come to the conclusion much too early?


At 18:00 at the concert hall of Vytautas Magnus University four young men from Latvia - Andrejs Filipovs, Karlis Bozs, Kristaps Celmanieks, Girsts Bisenieks - will use an hour to prove that we are wrong to think this way.  "Four Men in a Boat" choreographed by Ruta Nordmane is a challenge to our stereotypes about both dance and contemporary men.  It is for the first time that the Lithuanian audience has a chance to see this production in its entirety - and to walk out being completely convinced that men still dance and that they do it with style, passion and bravado.