2008-09-30 |  Words from Babel

Why have you decided to come back to AURA?

I am more attracted to European culture in spite of many truly great professional opportunities in the USA.  For me the spiritual connection are just as important as practical things.

How did Body Babel come around?  What is the aim of this project?

The project has been conceived by the well-known Belgian choreographer Rosa Mei.  She is the founder of the dance troupe Cie 13 that is especially open to new experiments.  After developing the conception for Body Babel she wanted to gather people from different cultures in order to understand how our identity affects our gestures.  The most important thing for her was to show how only through body language our cultural memory, national uniqueness can be revealed and mutual understanding can be achieved.  It is known that about 60% of information we get from non-verbal body language.  While looking for dancers in Lithuania R. Mei contacted AURA that suggested me.  We were rehearsing in Antwerp.  I am very glad for this unique experience.

How did the group member communicate?  Maybe through gestures only?

We used English but during the rehearsals we were laughing to tears.  Every Lithuanian knows that a flick on the neck means a drinking party.  Nobody understood this gesture of mine.  We were surprised to learn that the well known gesture “OK” turned upside down describes gays.  Speaking seriously, this project has enriched my body language, expanded the limits of my stage freedom and artistic thinking.

But there is a verbal language also used in the performance?

Yes, there are episodes where we are even singing or talking in our mother-tongues that is incomprehensible in another country.  It is also a very interesting form of communication.

You are also a part of Back, the AURA premiere choreographed by the AURA dancer Raimonda Gudaviciute who is now studying in Helsinki, Finland.  What interesting experience have you gained from this project?

From Finland Raimonda brought a very interesting body movement technique that is based on the body moving from the centre to the periphery thus making the body stronger, softer and more expressive.  AURA was missing this kind of experience.

Which performance are you especially looking forward during the 18th IMDF?

Actually, I am mostly interested in Compagnie Drift that is particularly professional, universal and creative and that will show their project in Kaunas and Vilnius.  I am looking forward to seeing it.