2008-09-30 | 

The conceptual point of departure for Belgian choreographer Rosa Mei was the Biblical story of the Babel Tower and her wish to show how different cultural experiences affect our understanding and practice of non-verbal communication.  Having that goal in mind, Rosa has invited professional dancers from Armenia, Belgium, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey to her adopted home country Belgium where for nearly two months the dancers and the choreographer were investigating how their different cultural backgrounds and experiences affect their understanding of personal space (proxemics), sense of tactility (haptics) and actual gestures (kinesics).


Though all the persons involved in the project have their background in dance, many of them have broad knowledge of other fields such as academic world, Asian martial arts, managing their own companies, multimedia, performing and visual arts, yoga.  Moreover, all the participants of the project have lengthy experience of living, studying and working in foreign countries and thus being submerged in other cultures than their own.


Lithuania is represented in this project by Lina Puodziukaite.  Lina was born in Kaunas and received her first training in dace at AURA, the only municipal dance theatre in Lithuania.  Later she completed her university education in dance in North Carolina and she has also taught aesthetics of dance in New York.  Having come back to Lithuania, Lina has become one of the principle dancers at AURA, an instructor in the AURA method and a guest lecturer in Lithuania and Latvia.  She has participated in several independent dance productions and has created a few dance pieces herself.