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After the three relatively calm evening at the 18th IMDF on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday it is finally time to start the true dance frenzy. Today the Festival’s evening starts at 19:00 and it will continue well into the night. The audience will not have the chance to be passive and sleepy since the three events of the night are taking placing in three different locations. 

Today the 18th IMDF is offering a rather different night than the opening night yesterday.  The first ones to go on stage at 19:00 at the concert hall of Vytautas Magnus University is the international dance project Body Babel that is on the premiere tour in Europe this autumn.  After the investigation of non-verbal communication from Body Babel completes, the stage will be given to Virpi Pahkinen and her meditative solo performances taking the audiences back to the Ancient Egypt and back again to our own times.

2008-10-01 |  Men Can Dance - and They Do

Do you remember the story your grandma told you about meeting your grandad?  ”Oh, he was such a great dancer....”  Do you think you will be able to tell your grandchildren that you met your life-long partner on the dance floor?

2008-09-30 |  Finally, I am an Adult

On September 18, at 18:00 the 18th International Modern Dance Festival has been presented to the press at an art gallery located at Vytautas Magnus University on the legendary Laisves Avenue in Kaunas.  Skaidra Jancaite surprised the gathering with offering a séance of laughter therapy.  It worked.


Though the IMDF has always tended to bring modern/contemporary dance to audiences in as many different places in Lithuania as possible, this year it is the first time that the Festival is coming to all the three major Lithuanian cities. 


Quite unusually, the 18th IMDF will start not in its native Kaunas but in Klaipeda, the harbour town of Lithuania.  Yet there is no need to fear that the Festival is losing its identity for the most events planned for this Festival will take place in Kaunas before traveling to the current Lithuanian capital for one final show on October 6.


Thus, 14 participants from 9 countries will be seen at 6 locations in 3 cities during 7 days – that is how the IMDF that has finally turned 18 and become and adult looks like.  According to Birute Letukaite, the founder and artistic director of the IMDF, this year’s Festival remains faithful to its original idea to show as many different styles of modern/contemporary dance as possible.  Pure dance, interdisciplinary and multimedia projects involving dance performed by a solo dancer or a troupe will be shown at traditional and alternative spaces.  The IMDF that is coming to age will have the unique night performances.


Finally, greetings from the major sponsors of the IMDF – the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, the City Municipality of Kaunas and AB TEO LT – have been read and heard, the cake has been cut and the duet performed by the AURA dancers has been seen.  Now the only thing that remains is the week-long dance feast.  That's just how it is: it's autumn, it's dance, it's the Tradition.

2008-09-30 | 

On September 30 the 18th IMDF opens with the world premiere.  In Klaipeda, the third major city in Lithuania that has become a part of the IMDF for the first time this year, a showing of Body Babel will take place and the Lithuanian audience will be the third one to see this international dance project.  The production has already been shown n Belgium and Turkey and now it comes to Lithuania.  During the 18th IMDF Body Babel will also be shown in Kaunas on October 2.

2008-09-30 |  Words from Babel

Lina Puodziukaite, an AURA dancer who is a part of the international dance project Body Babel, has been asked by the correspondent one of the largest Lithuanian dailies Lietuvos rytas to tell about the project, her decision to leave the USA and the 18th IMDF.

2008-09-03 |  Ready, Steady, Dance

On September the homepage of the 18th International Modern Dance Festival that this year is taking place in the three major Lithuania cities – Klaipeda, Kaunas and the current Lithuanian capital - has been published on the internet.  Darius Petreikis with the rest of the team at Mamaika is responsible for cutting-edge design of the homepage as well as for the entire visual image of this year’s Festival.  One more shining AURA is sent to Mamaika by the organizers of the IMDF.