Polish Dance Theatre  | Poland

Polish Dance Theatre was established in 1973 in Poznan by the initiative of local artists. The manager position was handed to Conrad Drzewiecki, an outstanding dancer and choreographer. This troupe during 15 years of its existence became one of the best in Europe.

In 1988 Ewa Wycichowska took over as the manager and the artistic director.  Treating modern and contemporary dance as the basic movement material, Wycichowska developed an original concept of performance and choreography that aims at a synthesis of arts in which the choreographic, dramatic, musical and visual layers meet and intermingle. 

For 35 years Polish Dance Theatre has remained faithful to its statutory obligation to promote the art of dancing and disseminate ballet culture throughout the country.  PTT is also the organizer of the Contemporary Dance Biennial since 1994 and the International Festival of Dance Theatres since 2004.

The Atelier (Studio) of Polish Dance Theatre – stage of searches and debuts – was established in 1999. It comprises of a group of young dancers who seek new paths or activity, equally in technique as in creativity (choreographic, stenographic and compositional).

"Wo-Man in Tomatoes"

Yossi Berg's performance is a somewhat nostalgic - but not deprived of humorous accents - story of women and men, blondes and machos, of stereotypes to which we succumb in falling into their own traps. The structure of the performance is built of elements characteristic of Polish Dance Theatre, which intentional syncretism allows for the joining into one whole of dance, song, and theatre, elements of high culture with snippets from everyday life.

Choreography: Yossi Berg
Dance: Polish Dance Theatre
Music: Nancy Sinatra, Julie London, Petula Clark, The Treble Spankers, The Chemical Brothers,
Cosmo Cosmolimo, Edith Piaf, Virginia Rodrigues
Costumes: Dalia Lider
Premiere: 2002
Duration: 40`


 “Scan” touches basic relationships in human life. We see two women and man, their relationships dominated by love, desire, interdependence, emotional involvement. All those typical features of the eternal triangle lead us to the both surprising and perfidious finale.

Choreography: Andrzej Adamczak
Dance: The Atelier of Polish Dance Theatre
Music: Boleslaw Pietraszkiewicz
Scenography and costumes: Mariusz Szmytkowski
Premiere: 2006
Duration: 25`

More information: www.ptt-poznan.pl