Fusedmarc | Lithuania

Fusedmarc is called the most interesting alternative music projects in Baltic counties in these days. In 2007 the company was awarded as the best in category „experimental“ in Lithuania in “A-LT” awards.

Fusedmarc is an audiovisual experiment, visual combination of electronics, rock, surrealism, which emerged four years ago. At the beginning the group was compared with stars of Vest intellectual dance music and alternative electronic. But today Fusedmarc has discovered its own language of music and it is recedes from standards of alternative intellectual electronics. More expression, unique, hard „fazed“ accents which enriches psychedelic way to audience wrinkles of brain emerges in the music of this group.

The group has produced only one virtual album so far (“Contraction EP” http://www.sutemos.net/). Fusedmarc first of all is a group playing live music which has concerts in Baltic countries, also it has performed in Hungary, Russia, Netherlands, Greece, France, Germany. Every performance of the group is an effective visual sense, which allows audience to transfer into deep individual level of fantasies.   

Vocals, electronics: Cilia
Guitar, bass, programming, lyrics: Nurasho
Video art, design: Syrtha 
Laptop: Afwi
Performance duration: 60`

More information: www.fusedmarc.com |