The dancing studio with fire “Fire Circle"  | Lithuania

Studio „Fire circle" is an organization that unites people who are interested in unconventional juggling and dance. Four years ago this studio started with an unseen event – the fire show.

Now it is extremely popular and takes part in more than 200 events a year, among which big fire performances, attracting thousands of spectators are: "The journey of the sun along the cultures" (opening event of  "Kaunas days 2007" celebration),  "Blizzard of fire" (Christmas Tree Lighting celebration in Alytus), Christmas celebration event on Jonas hill in Klaipėda, "In the air and on fire" (opening event of "Capital days 2007" celebration), "Pleiad of stars" (opening event of "Kaunas days 2008" celebration).

The stimulus of dance with fire studio "Fire circle" is a creation, searching for new means of artistic expression and ambitions to implement them. Experimenting with fire, pyrotechnics, lasers, light effects and abilities of human body, jugglers make the unbelievable ideas to come true.

I was born! Was I scared? Was I searching! Did I find? I got disappointed! Was I reaching? I have won! Did I lose? I loved…
I thought I am the luckiest…
And I died being the luckiest…

We are born to die – as a night butterflies in the dark of the night.

We fight for the life taking risks just like they do flying straight into the lights of the ridding car. We love longing for warmth and love, just like they burrowing to the hot lamp at a rainy night.
We get what we are reaching for, or not. But it does not matter, as finally we all die. And become forgotten.

Performance "Banal", created by studio "Fire Circle", is the first dance project in Lithuania where ultraviolet lighting and other non-traditional light effects are used. The interesting thing is that the actors of this performance are not professional dancers, they are jugglers.

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