The Music Academy Rheinsberg | Germany

The Music Academy Rheinsberg was founded in 1991 in a historic castle located North of Berlin. Since its establishment, the Academy has remained committed to propagation of young modern music, and promotion of young artists like choristers, singers, conductors, composers, musicians, dancers, and theatre artists. 

Out of the days of New Music at Pentecost an international workshop developed at Rheinberg and now it attracts more than 200 participants annually. A huge attention is paid to the concerts, premieres, discussions, as well as interactions among the participants and the audience.  Different kinds of the works are presented at Rheinsberg: sound installations cross-media, improvisations, multi-media, music theatre. 

"Golden Calf"

The multi-media ballet The Golden Calf by Helmut Zapf tells a story from the Old Testament.  The work brings old cultural possessions into new circumstances and prevalent composition techniques into a modern world of sounds.  The Ballet combines the material of the Antiquity with the present and move mythology into the existing world we live in today. 

Choreographer Bettina Owczarek says that while creating this performance she has been “interested in changes of values of community and the factors determining these changes”. Common value attitudes, which unify the majority, operate with enormous energy. 

However, if the attitude is destroyed, the community collapses.  New, varied values developed at the same time and at the same place bring alienation. What stays is the question of commonness beyond the existence of human beings.

Choreography: Bettina Owczarek
Dance: Dance Company Bettina Owczarek
Music: Helmut Zapf
Costumes: Wiebke Horn
Stage Design: Wiebke Horn
Lights: Oliver Nehring
Libretto: Ulrike Liedtke
Premiere: 2006
Duration: 60`

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