Compagnie Drift | Switzerland

Compagnie Drift was established in 1992 by the choreographers Béatrice Jaccard and Peter Schelling, who have worked together since 1987. In 2007 they were awarded the Swiss Prize for Dance and Choreography for their input developing the contemporary dance. 

Their dance, which oscillates between violence and tenderness, places the troupe Compagnie Drift among the best groups that the Swiss dance scene has presently to offer.  They are equally successful on the international scene having presented their dance performances in 29 countries. 

The troupe Compagnie Drift sets out to exhibit profound surrealism with a seemingly effortless ease.  The resultant effect can be as unexpected as it is at the same time absurd and disturbing.  Every simple pose, every simple gesture, no less than the work as a whole, provides a basis for constant movement and have become the instrument for the specific and very personal signature of Compagnie Drift.

... Drift is no doubt one of Europe’s most interesting dance companies … a surprising, exceptional evening full of poetic and evocative imagery … moments of great tenderness... Dortmunder Zeitung, Germany

... Seduction, a witty summary of life from birth to death and an unintelligible torrent of words is brought to the stage by means of extremely precise burlesque gestures and mime... This production funny, inspired and definitive merits its applause... La Liberte, Switzerland

Amours et Délices

An intimate piece with its language of movement ranging from the poetic to reckless Amours et Délices presents farce, by once, demonstrating to its audience a life of feminine coquetry.  Forlorn, longing and lusting men throw furtive glances, but the women are happily dancing in pairs, lost in their own dreams. Each of them is motivated by an unspoken affection for the other. Each is being a mirror of the other but remaining herself.

As the incarnation of comic strip characters who transform themselves from a marionette to a vamp and then to a girlfriend, they lead their masculine companions up the garden path ensuring their frustration so that they are beside themselves and thoroughly confused.

The whole creation is turned topsy-turvy, thoroughly shaken up and distorted. The men remain in the background, casting no shadow. If the women do not energize men, they restlessly drift through the corridors increasingly aimless as creatures of impulse. Amours et Délices is a poetical dance production full of casual malice and absurd wit.  Not just simply pleasure.

Choreography: Béatrice Jaccard in collaboration with the dancers
Direction: Peter Schellin
Assistant of director and dramaturgy: Sigrid Schonlau
Dance: Béatrice Jaccard, Judith Rohrbach, Marco Volta, Massimo Bertinelli
Music: François Gendre and Massimo Bertinelli
Costumes: Yvonne Forster
Lighting: François Gendre 
Stage Design: Peter Schelling and Ronald Doerfler
Mask: Sylvia Tommasi
Premiere: 2006
Photo by Christian Glaus
Duration: 60`

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