Skaidra Jančaite | Simona Orinska | PuseH PuseW | Lithuania | Latvia

Skaidra Jančaite (Lithuania) has studied choir conduction and solo singing in Kaunas and Vilnius, she had internship programs in  Austria, Denmark and France.  Next to her teaching work, Skaidra spends a lot of time giving concerts in the country and abroad.  She takes part in the events of avant-garde and experimental music, concerts and festivals of classical and contemporary music. 

The expressivity of contemporary music and the possibility to discover new interpretations are especially close for her artistic nature. In her performances the singer for a few years already merges music, drama, dance, pantomime and visual art. With the help of it she creates an individual style that is known for its strong persuasiveness.  Skaidra’s artistic activity is multivalent: she sings, arranges exhibitions, creates graphic works and also organizes music events.

Simona Orinska (Latvia). Simona’s creative interests are connected with the interchange processes in culture and arts. She is interested in new possibilities of movement, dance, video, poetry, texts. She is also a project manager of The Laboratory of Stage Arts and an actress. She has graduated dance and movement therapy, cultural theory and management as well environmental design.

She has gained additional experience in the international master dance classes, improvisation, butoh, yoga classes and in Latvian nonverbal theatre. In the international festivals Simona has participated with different projects. She is writing and publishing poetry; she even has published the selection of her poetry poems. S. Orinska`s cultural activity was awarded by significant prizes and awards.
PuseH PuseW (Latvia). 1/2H 1/2W – an esoteric music for avant-garde theatre." In it's music represents overall nihilism and absurdness of material existence. Mentally influenced by Hinduism, post-war period academic Dadaism but by its own creativity cultivates self-supposed direction that expresses it self with overact emotionality, non-prospective mood shift and imitation.

The soundscapes mostly are created in improvisation manner disregarding most of the musical laws and borders. Frequently accepting musical principles that are within fully controlled, particular sound flow that in result creates a fatal feel of chaos, nonsense, emptiness or meditative and peaceful state of soul.

Eyes Fluttering in My Knees

Multimedia performance -  Interactive journey through sound, movement, voice, poetry. Audience is attracted to take part in magic theatre ritual performance. Butoh dance philosophical ideas of erased, universal body. When it goes out of boundaries, emerges it’s essence of human being.

It is very wild open sight to human being. Human’s life is happening between two secrets – Conception and Death in both he is not taking part. Creating of new consciousness and time of death is happening in non-consciousness way, not depending of human’s desires.

Human’s thoughts relate to his origins are mixed with the trial of occupancy, where physical and spiritual body is connecting. Sexuality is not possible to define "here and now", because it is relates towards ancient past. In ancient believes the Earth is like a melting point of Life and Death.

Movement/voice/poetry: Skaidra Jančaitė / Simona Orinska
Live Sound: PuseH PuseW
Video: Liga Stibe
Co-author: Modris Tenisons (Latvia) 
Premiere: 2007
Photo by Liga Sibe
Duration: 60`