Nadar Rosano | Israel

Nadar Rosano started to dance at the Gahton Academy in Kibbutz.  After the graduation he has worked with Da Da Dance Company in Jerusalem.  In 2003 his solo piece “What and where will he do?” was presented at the Susan Dalal Theatre.  In 2005 he created “Running Backward” – a solo performance that was shown at the Intimadance Festival and at the several other dance festivals in Israel. 

“All Windows are Open” is his most successful work so far.  After he has been awarded the Second Prize at the 21st International Competition for Choreographers in Hanover, Nadar has been invited to show “All Windows are Open” in Europe.

"All Windows are Open"

We meet again in a familiar place and together we try to reanimate the moment.  We believe that the magic still exists.  She is smart and she is aware of the possibility of having a different perception and this creates confidence and willingness to discover things.  Sometimes I get confused around this kind of people and talk without any sense.  I learned about force from the fights I had in school and since then I am trying not to use it.  Being around her was sometimes exhausting for me.  Out off the struggles each one of us exalted himself at the expense of the other.  She succeeded in breaking my walls and reaching into my closely guarded inner world.  Because of her ability to understand me and her special way of helping us to maintain our inner balance, we have reached the basic places of sensitivity, happiness and understanding.  It is time for each of us to create a dream, or at least to have a place to observe it.

Choreography: Nadar Rosano
Dance: Dafna Miro, Nadar Rosano
Guitar & vocal: Asaf Avidan
Bass guitar: Aner Paker
Costumes: Nadar Rosano
Duration: 14`

"Portion of Rice"

We have passion, desire and experience.  We are influenced by a fierce impulse for emotional searching.  Two characters are dwelling within walls looking for a loving glance and a warm hug, which was always missing. They unveil the true nature of love and consequent the naked deep solitude absent of every day life shell. Something in them desperate needs warmth created by an exciting and exhausting emotional overflow; they expect to receive the things that were missing at home from their surroundings.

The different dealing with the situation turns into private and intimate stories that lead them to believe in love.  This is a story about the wish to live the right way, about the lies, illusions and about how dreams smash into smithereens.

Choreography: Nadar Rosano
Dance: Nerav Dagan, Nadar Rosano
Music: Calla, Explosion in the Sky, Kronos Quartet, Mogwai
Costumes: “6-6”
Lights: Netta Koren
Duration: 17`