AURA Dance Theatre | Lithuania

The eldest dance theater in Lithuania AURA existing for a quarter of age, has almost the biggest and the most consistent dance experience in the country. Theatre`s performances have received many awards and positive reviews during the concerts in 21 countries abroad.

AURA has raised amazing dancers, who are demonstrating high level of contemporary dance techniques, dancers put a charm on audience by unfeigned talent, passionate devotion.. AURA collaborates with well know choreographers from all over the world: more then 30 choreographers from 12 countries.

... The dancers demonstrated strong technique.  ... AURA delivered a performance that was a VIDF highlight.  Lithuanian dancers fascinated everyone ... The Georgia Straight, Canada

... This modern dance company from Lithuania has freshness and passion for their art that many western companies have lost. South Wales Evening Post, Wales

Birute Letukaite – artistic director of AURA Dance Theatre has organized the 1st International Festival of Modern Dance in 1989 which has become meaningful town tradition and important event of the country’s cultural life.

In 2008 Birute Letukaite has been awarded by “The Lithuania Government’s Award for Culture and Art” for her contributions to Lithuania’s culture and art.

AURA presents preem performance of dance Back by former alumna of AURA Raimonda Gudavičiūte.

Raimonda Gudavičiūte (Lithuania)

In the age of nine (1994) Raimonda started to dance in AURA Dance Studio, and after graduating she became a dance and a solist of the main troupe. She graduated Lithuania Academy of Music and Theatre and got the actress – dancer bachelor degree. She worked on probation in National Lions Conservatory of Music and Dance in France. Since 2007 Raimonda is studying contemporary dance and choreography master degree in Helsinki Theatre Academy (Finland).

Back is the first effort of R. Gudaviciute to create the dance performance for dance troupe. Till then, she has been performing in the other choreographers’ works or was creating solo dance compositions.


This performance, according to choreographer, is simply about human and about human relations with other person, and about the infinite missing of close person. Duets express preeminently relations of two people, two individuals, not only peripeteias of relations between a woman and a man. An impulse to performance choreographer was given by back`s possibilities. Senses of fear, loneliness, insecurity, beauty, remembrance are unfolded by soft, tensile dance movements beginning from the back. 

... Performance was created together with dancers. We were sharing experience and ideas. Thanks to them, for helping me to look back... – Raimonda

Choreography: Raimonda Gudavičiūtė (in collaboration with dancers)
Dance: Asta Brilingienė, Rasa Danilinaitė, Tautivilas Gurevičius, Audronė Leškevičiūtė, Lina Puodžiukaitė, Mantas Stabčinskas
Music: Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Love Vector
Costumes: Eglė Žiemytė
Lighting: Vladas Šerstabojevas, Raimonda Gudavičiūtė
Photo by Evaldas Butkevičius

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