The Symptoms | Hungary

This contemporary dance company was established in 2001 by Réka Szabó. In 2006 this company revived as Tünet Együttes (The Symptoms).

For Réka Szabó dance was just a hobby until she graduated from Eötvös Loránd University with a degree in mathematics and computer science.  In 1995 she debuted as a choreographer who had later received international recognition.  In her works the author likes to rely on the personality and creativity of actors and dancers and valuates the importance of thinking together with them. 

The troupe had shown its works in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary.  Réka Szabó is a founding member of the L1 Independent Dancers Partnership, which in 2001 succeeded in establishing a venue that since then had become a definitive sanctuary of contemporary dance for both the professionals and dance aficionados. 

Nothing There or Do Dreams Go to Sleep during the Day?

My dear senses, you have let me down. You too, my one and only imagination. I keep tweaking my own portrait, over and over again, and I bend the contours of everything and everyone. But does this make the world according to me, once and for all? How does one look outside of here? And what if there’s nothing out there to look at? Is that just another thing that I project? I want clothes to protect the outside world from me. For I have come to the conclusion that there are no miracle.

The central theme of the performance is the clash between the reality principle and the truth principle.  It’s as if paranoia were intended to force us to vest with meaning the random events of an ill-comprehended world and perceive the chaotic reality surrounding us as a subject-centric system that makes sense. 

This desperate attempt to ascribe meaning to the universe distorts our very perception, effectively preventing us from seeing things in the genuine light of their being.  This is why the same thing will be seen by one person as something and something entirely different by another.

The real-time video technology in the piece reacts to the position in space of a body in motion, as well as its shape, direction, and dynamics of movement, transforming the gestures of the six dancers into the projection of their anxieties and fantasies, and their web of relations into a mobile abstract painting.

... we glimpse the outlines of an emerging opus which originality, intellectual drive, playfulness, with and refinement must be declared truly exceptional- not only in the context dance of Hungary. Népszabadság, Hungary

Choreography: Réka Szabó
Dance: Dózsa Ákos, Góbi Rita, Nagy Andrea, Szász Dániel, Vadas Zsófia Tamara, Vass Imre
Music: Albert Márkos (composer)
Costume: Nagy Fruzsina
Lighting and space: Szirtes Attila
Interactive technology: MTA SZTAKI Media Technology Group (Gábor Papp, Anita Sárosi, Viktor Vicsek)
Libretto: Krisztián Peer
Photo by Gabor Dusa
Duration: 60`

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