Virpi Pahkinen | Sweden

Virpi Pahkinen, one of the most successful solo dancers in the Nordic countries, before concentrating on dance she studied classical music at the Music Academy in Helsinki, Finland and figure skating.  She was trained in the Department of Choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1989-1992 and since then, she was touring the world in her dual role as a choreographer and a solo dancer. 

Her work has received positive critical acclaim in 35 countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico and South Africa.  As a dancer, she has taken part in several theatre productions by Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) at the Royal Drama Theatre in Stockholm.  She has also choreographed and danced in dance films for TV and cinema. 

Virpi Pahkinen works are inspired by the East philosophy. Performances are full sense of harmony, mystery, spirituality, incredible metamorphosis of body.

... Her body was the work of art, a three dimension, ever-changing image of sculptures beauty. The Ottawa Citizen, Canada

... Only Virpi Pahkinen can dance like Virpi Pahkinen. And when she does it even gods must hold their breath in awe that a human being can so magically incarnate their peers. The complexity, the transformations and the spatiality impress. A cobra or a woman – when Virpi Pahkinen is the divine reptile one desires nothing other than to stay in Paradise. Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

Sepia Longa, Aspectus Brevis

Sepia is a squid limpet that can change the colour of its body dependently on the surroundings and due to its pigments; thanks to this ability it can hide itself from the hawks. Sepia is also called the sea chameleon.

Choreography and dance: Virpi Pahkinen
Music: Gunnar Idenstam and Jonas Sjöblom
Lighting: Magnus Pettersson
Costumes: Helene Thorsell
Producer: Brigitta Ström, commedia ab
Premiere: 2005
Photo by Marita Liulia
Duration: 20`

Meretseger (She who Loves Silence)

Meretseger – Egypt mythology goodness of punishment and mercy in the shape of cobra

Oh Earth of shadows I am not Rapacious
I divide not the water at its appointed time
I put not pressure upon the beam of the balance
I defraud not the Divine Circle of their sacrificial joints

Oh Breaker of Bones
I am not teller of lies
I have not slaughter the sacred animals

I am the Swallow, I am the Swallow
I am the Scorpion, the laughter of the Sun,
Oh Gods! Delicious is the smell of your fire which comes out of the Horizon.
The Egyptian Book of Dead

Choreography and dance: Virpi Pahkinen
Music: Roger Ludvigsen
Lighting and set design: Jens Sethzman
Costumes: Helene Thorsell
Producer: Brigitta Ström, commedia ab
Premiere: 2004
Duration: 26`

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