Rūta Nordmane | Boot & Boat | Latvia

People who are interested in the major events and venues of contemporary dance life in Latvia are already familiar with Rūta’s name and her choreographic language.  In her creative works she is trying to find a new way of self-expression impulsed by body moves.  Rūta Nordmane mostly works a with space, special lightning and with the elements of contact improvisation. 

Both the choreographer, and the dancers have more than one year experience in contemporary dance art. The dancers are often invited to dance by Latvian and foreign choreographers.

4 Men in a Boat

Choreography: Rūta Nordmane
Dance: Ģirts Bisenieks, Kārlis Božs, Kristaps Ceļmalnieks, Andrejs Filipovs
Music: Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Manau, Janis Joplin, Pressure drop, Rufus Wainwright, Dave Matthews, Billy’s band 
Premiere: 2007
Photo by Evija Trifanova
Duration: 60`

It can be only the pure language of a man – simple, rough and a bit careless.  Their lips stay still, but their bodies speak for them.  No useless promises or words, just their memories, their stories and reflection on all the things that have happened and influenced their lives.  Let them speak, ‘cos they’ve got a lot to say…

4 Men in a Boat is one hour duration pure devotion to the seductive power of a movement and story told by men on the stage.  The production brings out a toast to the men’s strength, openness and persistence and a toast to the women for their sensitivity, love and beauty. 

... Fantastic how easy the dancers can perform all those incredible moves.  Only from their breathing you can guess how tired the dancers are after the performance.  Although there are only men on the stage, one should remember, that the author is a woman.  I can only admire how Rūta could guess all the small details of a man’s inner and with her choreography to bring it all up on the stage.  It is definitely a superb woman’s story translated into the man’s language. "Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze", Latvia

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