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Choreographer, dancer, multi-media artist Rosa Mei has more than 10 years experience presenting quirky, movement-based works in traditional and non-traditional theatre settings from the elevator factory in Antwerp till ice-hockey stadium in Prague or the National Theater of Guatemala. She is an artistic director of experimental dance theatre group “Cie 13”.

The troupe „Cie 13“ is composed of ballet and breakdown dancers, martial artists, opera singers, radical musicians and various other artists. When presenting dance works in the unusual spaces, the group “Cie 13” often collaborates with the organization of independent artists “Antwerp Open”.

The dance works of “Cie 13” are presented internationally in Europe as well as in North and South America. In 2005 the group “Cie 13” was awarded a prestigious European Cultural Foundation Grant and the troupe has been widely praised for its innovative activity and virtuosic dance performers.

„Body Babel“ PREMIERE

Words are like loaded pistols. The language is memory as well as metaphor. In “Body Babel” perform top dance artists from all over the Europe (Belgium, Lithuania, Turkey, Slovakia, Armenia and Spain) and explore the cultural semiotics of body language.  How our gestures, sense of touch and personal space are affected by our cultural identity?  How does the body language act as a sort of cultural memory and define us as individuals? 

In the performance by combining mental and physical virtuosity, two angels, a few Babylonians and the faith healers are searching “the dangerous gestures.”

Concept / choreography: Rosa Mei (in collaboration with the Body Babel artist)
Dance: Talin Buyukkurkciyan (Armenia), Kehond Champion Bakomba (Belgium), Yentl de Werdt (Belgium),  Lina Puodziukaite (Lithuania), Tomas Danielis (Slovakia), Sebastian Garcia Ferro (Spain), Asli Osturk (Turkey)
Music: Jean Francois Blanquet
Lights: Rosa Mei
Premiere: 2008
Duration: 60`

Astonishing finesse and virtuosity.
The Stage, England

Choreography like crunchy brain food.
Village Voice, USA

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