dears, devoted, awaited!
Yearing, thirsty for
get-together, thoughts, emotions, and
the secret which unriddled you go ahed.
Let's step forward together!

Birutė Letukaitė
Festival Art Director

Dear Organizers of the Festival, Participants and Guests,

Kaunas is a town of old, lasting cultural and artistic traditions.  At the same time, it is the meeting place for young artists who go into experiments courageously.  In this town wise experience and innovative experiments, traditions and contemporaneity go hand in hand.  In this context the 18th International Festival of Modern Dance  has a ring pleasing the ear and the heart and its sound is satisfying, dear and longed after.  It is especially delightful to see that you are growing and that this year you will try bravely to conquer audience sympathies in Klaipeda and Vilnius.

I thank the organizers of the Festival for nurturing the meaningful tradition and for your efforts to make the name of Lithuania sound more and more sonorously – art is the first fundamental link between world cultures.  I wish you and the participants of the festival passionate creative explorations, pleasurable and unexpected discoveries and for the audiences – unforgettable moments.

Jonas Jucas
Lithuanian Minister of Culture

Dear Dance Enthusiasts,

My congratulations to you all on the occasion of the unique event – the International Modern Dance Festival.  The name of Kaunas is inseparable from the concept of modernity: after becoming the Provisional Capital in 1919 our town has contributed actively to creation of a distinctive cultural space, into which the most talented artists transferred the best existing in other European countries.  Architecture, music, theatre, visual art have lived the Golden Age namely in Kaunas, and the ability for contemporary breakthrough Kaunas artists maintain to this very day.  It is wonderful that the only Lithuanian modern dance theatre is in Kaunas and that thanks to it we can know about the newest tendencies in world dance, see original productions and excellent performers.  I express my gratitude to AURA and its managing and artistic director Birute Letukaite because due to their enthusiasm and dedication we all can enjoy the art of dance, be encouraged to break stereotypes and widen our horizons.

Andrius Kupcinskas
Mayor of the City of Kaunas

On behalf of TEO, I am very pleased to congratulate the spectators, participants and organizers of the 18th International Festival of Modern Dance with the festival of this wonderful art of choreography. The Festival, to be the sponsor of which is a great honour for us, grows year after year and its programme and geography expand. Such development of it meets the goals of TEO to support the projects of art and culture that are of a long-term value to the general public – not for one or two years. We would like that this what we are doing – investing in the development of modern dance in our country – persists for a long time, changes our perception of Man and his/her capabilities to express spiritual flights in a movement of dance, and deepens the sensation of what is beautiful in Man.
Wishing you the best success,
Valdas Kaminskas
Director of Corporate Communication Unit of TEO LT, AB