Lietuviška versija

K.U.B. | Lithuania

K.U.B. (shortly for Kaunas Urban Beats) is a crew of skilled DJs covering wide array of musical tastes and party flavours. Our primary focus lies on offering our hometown Kaunas a conceptual alternative to high spread commercial parties and club culture, while also preserving the look and feel of underground vibe. As a part of our initiative, we not only play at and organize parties, but also pay special attention while seeking new forms to make them stand out of average.

We are a collaboration of 5 members, with a diverse musical profiles on the one hand, but with well organized alter ego on the other.

K.U.B. members are:
Dangis Jakimka aka Number_None (reggae, jungle);
Karolis Aleksynas aka Soundchild (liquid/soulful drum & bass)
Mantas Pakeltis aka Pakas (breakbeat, funk, hip hop, old skool);
Zilvinas Sirka aka Road’s’Killa (drum & bass);
Mantas Zemaitis aka Stereoman (techno, schranz).


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