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2009-06-24  07:29:10     Amardeep Singh Panesar
We are from North India area group. We represent Punjabi Tradtional and Folk dance all over the world. We represented our dance in many countries and attended many CIOFF Festivals in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Russia and some artist performed in UK and Canada. We are eagerly waiting to participate in your festival. We will be highly obliged if we'll recieve your invitation
With Due Regards
Amardeep Singh Panesar
Rhythms Folk Art Club (Punjab) INDIA
2008-11-12  14:27:00     Nanda Kishor Bhandari
We are a dance group of Nepal and have a long experiences of performing live music, dance and music of Nepal inside and out side the country. We are anticipating to look forward in your coming festival to present Nepali traditional folk dances, music and songs.
2008-04-23  06:45:15     Carrie Ahern
Dear Martina and Birute
Just following up..I now have a complete DVD of the piece "The Unity of Skin" commissioned by Danspace Project NYC and also performed in Baltimore. Will be sending it tomorrow with an updated press kit.
All my best,
Carrie Ahern
2008-02-11  20:04:24     mirellabrandi
I would like to receve your news and participate if it will be possible. thanks a lot.
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