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Ae-Lapsus Dansa | Spain

LAPSUS Company is a personal project from choreographer and performer Alexis Eupierre. Lapsus was born in Barcelona in 1997. LAPSUS is focused in contemporary issues from our current society. It is concerned as well with content and form, without giving up a general sense of humor as a general trait of the work. It incorporates as well technology and video projections as a mean of expression in a search of a personal vocabulary to his choreographic ideas.

Alexis Eupierre studied at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona and The Julliard School of New York and he has worked professionally as a dancer with: David Zambrano, Margarita Guergue, John Jaspers, Sara Skaggs Dance Company, and Mark Thompkins among many others. In Spain he has danced with the company Mudances-Ángels Margarit and Olga Mesa, among others. In 1995 he created La Caldera, ACDAC (Cultural Association For The Development of Choreographic Activities) in collaboration with eight other independent choreographers from  Barcelona. Alexis Eupierre is a specialist in Release Technique, improvisation and composition workshops. Since 1993 he has been guest teacher for professional dance companies. He has also participated in dance festivals like: Impultz Tanz (Vienna), Movement Research (NY), International Festival of Tokyo, La Habana, Buenos Aires, etc.


The stage is  a kind of glass cabinet, a place of display and exhibition. How to display ourselves to others? How to construct oneself into an image? How to transgress stereotypes and icons? How to unfold one’s identity through a series of glass cabinets composing a human landscape with which one could feel identified? Alexis Eupierre’s project, Vitrines, was born with the idea of creating two portraits constituting a single image where the two characters come together. This space allows the coexistence of the feminine and the masculine, the large and the small, stillness and movement, thought and action, reality and fiction, space and time, light and darkness, noise and silence. It builds up a single entity, a single organism, using the polarities we can find in each one of us. How do you turn two into one?

Artistic director: Alexis Eupierre
Performers: Gema Díaz and Emili Gutiérrez
Music: Krishoo Monthieux
Costume Design: Fátima Campos
Set design: Antigua & Barbuda
Special collaborator: Montse Colomé
Collaborating performers: Clara Tena, Neus Vitlla, Koldo Aróstegui, Mara Smaldone.
Photography and video: Guilsey Homet
Producer: Teresa Renedo
Assistant Producer: Blanca Vilageliu
Creative space: La Caldera
Acknowledgments: Hilda Tejero, Antonio Bisbal, Beatriu Daniel, Lipi Herbández, Elena Carmona, Canníbal, Teatre Municipal Cal Bolet (Vilafranca del Penedès) and Centre Cívic la Barceloneta (Barcelona)


Company supported by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura / Ministerio de Cultura, INAEM /Ajuntament de Barcelona, ICUB.


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