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KAMEA Dance Company | Israel

Kamea was established in Beer-Sheva Israel in 2002 in affiliation with the prestigious Larry and Lillian Goodman  Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva Municipal Dance Center. Founded and co-directed by Daniella Schapira and Tamir Ginz, Kamea performs works by Ginz as well as by guest choreographers.

The company’s repertoire brings to the stage the diverse work of its choreographers, mainly Israelis, who have created works geared to different age groups. The dance pieces encompass a wide range of dance styles and are performed on a high technical and artistic level by Kamea’s dancers.

Tamir Ginz (Co-Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer) has performed with the Haifa Ballet, and was a dancer in the Batsheva Dance Company under the artistic direction of Ohad Naharin (1991-1992). Ginz was resident choreographer for the Bat-Dor Dance Company in Tel-Aviv and  the main contemporary dance teacher in the Bat - Dor studios of Dance (1991-2001) . His first creation for Bat-Dor, Platform 1, won him the 1997 Albert Gaubier award for choreography in Denmark. In 2002 he established KAMEA with Daniella Schapira. Ginz teaches contemporary dance in many schools, he is also the director of the dance department at the “Blich High School” in Ramat-Gan.

Carmina Burana

A ritual of senses, love and erotics gives new and earthly interpretation to Orffs' music. The piece celebrates the happiness and joy of life of youngsters in our time. The craving for friendship, luck and individual expression. This is a commissioned premiere for "KYPRIA 2007" festival in Cyprus.

Artistic directors: Daniella Schapira and Tamir Ginz
Administrative director: Galia Bar Levin
Performers: Burger Uri, Ferdman Eliana, Gal Daniel, Ganon Eyal, Gross Moran, Mankita Naama, Nakar Snir, Popov Viktoriya, Sivan Maya, Zak Sergei, Anatoly Shenfeld.
Music: Carl Orff's
Costumes design: Daniella Schapira
Lighting design: Judy Kupferman
Rehearsal and stage director: Eyal Nahum





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