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Sylvio Dufrayer Dance Company | Italy - Brazil

The dance company, created by Sylvio Dufrayer, dancer and choreographer that has already acted in the most important companies from Brazil, has the objective to spread out the Brazilian contemporary dance, having as identity of movement characterized by the ethnic, cultural and social diversity that exist in Brazil.

He has received prize at the festivals Masdanza (Spain) and 8th Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival (Sttutgart). The company that now is based in Italy has already taken part at the international festivals: Ogni carne ha il suo spirito, Bari - Italy (2006); Festival Internacional de Teatro de Oriente, Caracas and Barcelona - Venezuela (2006); Festival Estival de San Martin de los Andes, Argentina (2006 and 2005); Alas de la Danza, Quito and Guayaquil - Equador (2005); INFANT Festival, Novi Sad - Serbia & Montenegro (2005); 4+4 Days in Motion Festival, Praga - Rep. Tcheca (2005).


In Grocoió myths, symbols and universal archetypes are in communion with legends, ritual acts and Brazilian traditions in a humanistic and integrated vision of the identity references of Black, White, and Indian in the culture of the Brazilian race. In this work the creation process is intimately linked to an esthetic in which the construction of the language is organized by the interaction of reality / dreams, and the body is the receptacle of emotions and the instrument that we count on in order to establish communication.

Choreography: Sylvio Dufrayer
Performer: Sylvio Dufrayer
Music: Grocoió / Marcelo Carneiro de Lima
Costume designer: Marcelo De Gang
Light designer: Sylvio Dufrayer

The moment before the action

This spectacle is about memory. The corporal memory that lives in our memory as a result of experiences that we have lived, or by our biological heritage. This language that many times speaks for itself expressing sentiments, intentions and actions that we would like hide, but are revealed telling a story about ourselves. The day-by-day actions that are carried-out without our intellectual consent like finding a switch in the dark. And the affective memory that translates itself in memories and exposed feelings without the filter of our judgment.

Choreography: Sylvio Dufrayer
Performer: Alessandra Lofiego
Music: Pós-Tudo, Canção da Mais Alta Torre, O Rei Menos o Reino and O Tygre / Augusto de Campos and Cid Campos; Cantara / Dead Can Dance; Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu and The Hidden Camera / Photek; Absurd and Atom Bomb / FLUKE; Aircave / David Hudson
Costume designer: Marcelo De Gang
Light designer: Sylvio Dufrayer



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