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Vytis Jankauskas Dance Company | Lithuania

Vytis Jankauskas is a dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. He is considered one of most interesting creators of contemporary dance in Lithuania. Choreographer is trying to find balance between novelty of form and emotional influence in his dance compositions “Drops into Well“ (1998), “Songs of the Boy from the Middle Ages“ (2000), “Retraction“ (2001), “To Fill up Rainbow“ (2002), “Drowned Valley“ (2003), “Footmarks“ (2004). Some of his compositions has been performed abroad: “Songs of the Boy from the Middle Ages“ represented Lithuania in the international festival “Global Dance 2002“ (Germany). Performance “Drowned Valley“ has  been awarded The Golden Stage Cross.



Idea | choreography: Vytis Jankauskas
Performers: Goda Laurinaviciute, Vytis Jankauskas, Ieva Simukauskiene, Giedre Subotinaite, Giedre Kirkilyte
Music: Niels van Hoorn, Strange Attractor, Biosphere
Costume design: Ruta Biliunaite

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Creation of performance was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and Culture and Sport sponsorship fond of the Lithuania Republic.


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