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Ronna Ziv Dance Group | Israel

Ronit Ziv is a leading voice of the Israeli choreographers. She creates, dances and teaches in the leading academies and institutes of Israel, and was invited to give workshops in Moscow, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France. Ziv began created independently in 1999, when she won first prize in a leading choreographers competition, “Shades in dance”, with her duet “Rose cant wait”, that appear later with the Galilidance company, and was invited to the Pina Bausch festival. In 2002, 2005 she won the ministry of culture award for young choreographers. She has created for dance companies in Israel and Europe,  Bat-sheva ensemble, CNDC l`ESQUISSE, Angers, Compania Instavel and Galilidance. Ronit Ziv Dance Group was in residency at the Pact Zollverein in Essen, has been performing in Enzimi Festival, Rome, Fabbrica Europe Festival, Mercat de la flors, Barcelona, Weimar, Frankfurt, Tanzhaus, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, San Giminiano Festival, Bassano Estate Festival, and performed at the Tanz Wochen in Dresden, and in the Lofft Theater in Leipzig.

The program Ten Minutes Older brings to stage two remarkable creations. “Steady look” and “Punch Line”, both tells in a unique voice the intimate story of different characters that takes only 10 minutes.

 Steady Look


Tells the story of a man that deals with his reflection in the mirror and the reflection of the contact between a customer and a waitress in a café.

Choreography: Ronit Ziv Music: Ran Bagno
Performers: Shani Katzman, Ran Braun, Shachar Levi
Set: Noam Dover
Light: Alon Shtampka

Punch Line

“Punch Line” happens in an imaginary Gym club. The creation checks different forms of emotional deconstruction, by movement and by text. The lies that are revealed during the dialog/monolog/duet between the two characters on stage, tells a story of fear, and a new way to fight through training in a gym club.

"Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, everything done in a magnificent way." Ruth Eshel – Haaretz.

"Finally, a work that comes out with a great sense of humor, this is the last creation by Ronit Ziv." Zvi Goren – Habama.

Choreography: Ronit Ziv
Performers: Ronit Ziv, Shani Katzman
Music: Ran Bagno
Design: Alona Roda
Lights: Yaakov Baressi



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