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Vytautas V. Jurgutis | AURA Dance Theatre | Lithuania

AURA Dance Theatre, founded and leaded by Birute Letukaite, has been developing the traditions of modern dance for a quarter of a century. AURA’s studio has trained excellent performers of contemporary dance, evaluated by Lithuanian and foreign dance critics. The director of AURA Birute Letukaite was awarded with theatrical prizes -‘Fortune’ and ‘The Golden Stage Cross’. For 17 years AURA Dance Theatre has been organizing the International Festival of Modern Dance. In 2003 the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania has awarded AURA Dance Theatre for the contribution to modern dance in Lithuania and Baltic countries.  In 2006 the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania Birute Letukaite awarded the Certificate  of Honor  for creative activity and for her work organizing the International Festival of Modern Dance.

Composer Vytautas V. Jurgutis is a versatile artist: a musician, who dares to try new things, dives through the primordial depths of sound; a mathematician, who think in the sophisticated functions of programming languages. He presents his works in multi-media format and creates different real-time projections.  “Time Line” by V.V.Jurgutis  was awarded “The best music piece of the year 2006”.

Time Line

Multimedia dance project “Time Line” is a dance performance with elements of installation. The unity of different modes of expression – voice, body, movement, kinetic scenography, laser projections and digital visual effects – is very important in this work. That interaction gives new and multiply artistic language. Dance performance „Time Line“ aims to reveal relations between energy, space, substance and time. Living being is a kind of the cyborg, as the fusion of an animal, a human and a machine, lost in Time and trying to retrieve himself from scattered  snatches  still extant in his memory. This dance performance was created for actual music festival „Gaida 2006“.

More information:

Idea, conceptions, music, video: Vytautas V. Jurgutis
Choreography: Yossi Berg, Oded Graft, Birute Letukaite
Lighting design: Vladimiras Serstobojevas
Costume design: Dovile Gudaciauskaite
Lazer projections: Regimantas Januskevicius, Asta Januskeviciene, Zigmas Balevicius
Dance: AURA Dance theatre dancers
Tutor: Ligita Virsulytė


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