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MEDEA_73 | Spain

MEDEA_73 aims to produce a style of creation that brings together text and movement to reveal a vision of humanity stripped of its conventional disguises and protections. To produce a performance that achieves direct communication with the audience by going beyond straightforward visual impact to explore in depth, and through parody, the space and time of human actions. MEDEA_73 was created in Madrid in 2002. Inspired by the idea of bringing together geographical and artistic extremes, MEDEA_73 theatre group, whose members come from Argentina, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Portugal and Britain, is free from one national tradition, drawing instead on the talents and cultural influences of each of its members.

Lorena Briscoe’s theatrical training has included the Jacques Lecoq school in Paris; the Teatro de los Andes in Yotala, Bolivia; the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts in Buenos Aires; the Videla Brothers School of Criollo Circus in Buenos Aires; and the School of Classical and Contemporary Dance. Also in Argentina she won the Iberoamerica scholarship for Direction and Writing granted by the Carolina Foundation and Casa de America, Madrid, in 2004. She is currently directing the theatre group of Beiras University, Portugal.


“Mnemosine” performance focuses on representing the individual's personal memory, and the colonizing influence upon it of personal and historical events, as well as the impact of technological innovations. The work will confront both performer and audience with his or her own memory, its` failures, and the re-invention of one's self through the selective memory of events. From ancient times, objects have been used to commemorate individuals or historical events. By using video, digital sound, we wish to study and research exactly how such events and personal histories are composed in the modern age. Digital art gives us the power to manipulate the past, just as our brain manipulates memories and selects them without any apparent order.

Director: Lorena Briscoe
Performers: Fabián Gomez Bohórquez, Lorena Rodriguez Briscoe
Video: Miguel Furtado & Phillipp Gabriel

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