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Loreta Juodkaite began to study dance when she was six years old. She learned the basics of contemporary dance at Vytis Jankauskas modern dance studio and during various contemporary dance projects and seminars. Later, Loreta Juodkaitė worked as a dancer at the contemporary dance company led by Andrius Pulkauninkas. In 2005 she graduated Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). Now Loreta Juodkaite has been teaching dance techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts, where she also works as the director of the Academy`s dance theatre. In 2006 she presented the improvisation performance called „Here and Now“ at the New Baltic Dance festival and worked with theatre director Valentinas Masalskis creating dance diptych „Salamandra’s Dream“. In 2007, Loreta Juodkaitė received The Golden Stage Cross – the highest award for performing arts in Lithuania for her piece „Picture“ performed at the „Open Space“ programme  at  Arts  Printing  House.

Tomas Dobrovolskis has invented an original brass percussion instrument that has no analogues. He has also created special playing technique, syllabic form, and notation for this instrument. Tomas plays the instrument in his new projects and is preparing to obtain a patent for it. Right now Tomas is a member of “Vilniaus Musamieji” and “Zenklo Grupe”; he also participates in various projects as well as creates projects himself. As a guest musician, Tomas has played with many Lithuanian jazz musicians.
While studying in Vilnius Conservatory, Tomas founded fussion band NNB, which has played in many jazz and rock festivals in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Russia.

Trimatrix. Three Movements

 „Trimatrix. Three Movements“ is a music and dance production based on the music that percussionist Tomas Dobrovolskis has composed to make a form uniting three different polymeric lines. Tomas Dobrovolskis proposed the idea of the performance in order to find a visual expression of these rhythmical lines, while Loreta Juodkaite implemented his ideas by creating three different lines in choreography and followed them together with dancers Igoris Zaripovas and Andrius Zuzzalkinas. In the words of Loreta Juodkaite, the major influence to her production came from the three forms of water existing in nature: ice, liquid and steam.

Idea: Tomas Dobrovolskis
Choreography: Loreta Juodkaite
Performers: Loreta Juodkaite, Igoris Zaripovas, Andrius Zuzzalkinas
Music composing and performing: Tomas Dobrovolskis
Set and costume design: Renata Valcik

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