Lietuviška versija

Our dear audience,

We’ve hurried, gather together... And
Not for long... just to catch a breath,
To meet.
To recognize ourselves within eyes that look,
To become stronger in the hearts that pulse,
To warm up in clapping palms,
To open up, and to burn ourselves,
So, that we could
So, that we could be together.

In name of dancers,

Birute Letukaite
Festival Artistic Director

Dear Organizers, Participants, and Guests of the Festival,

Congratulation on the 17-th Modern Dance Festival that has once again invited us to open up to new experiences through the beauty of dance.

I am glad that the Festival, which was born in Kaunas and has existed here for many years, has become a significant tradition to the city; that it stimulates the dispersion of contemporary dance and enriches the cultural life of the whole country. While introducing new tendencies of contemporary dance and inviting to accept challenges, the Festival cultivates its audiences and extends the limits of arts appreciation. Each year the Festival invites more and more famous dance masters from all over the world and thus makes known the name of Lithuania and develops intercultural exchanges.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank the organizers for their enthusiasm in fostering the traditions of contemporary dance. I wish that the Festival keeps growing and receiving an even wider international acclaim; and for all the guests - I wish that this Festival of dance brings you many unique moments and discoveries!

Jonas Jucas
LR Culture Ministe

Dear organizers, participants and spectators of the 17th International Modern Dance Festival,

Free dance, not enchained by canons, not tamed by standard wear and decoration, allows to reveal the beauty of the soul of a free man on the stage. The only municipal modern dance theatre  in Lithuania, and also until recently the only one in this part of the world, presents the impressive festival to the spectators and the whole city of Kaunas. The best dancers will gather here for the 17th time and will discover the new forms of the dance. We are proud that great artists of our city are like compasses in the world of art helping to find the direction of life and art development. 

It is very nice that the Modern Dance Festival – the combination of motion and music – every year attracts more and more admirers of this art.

I do wish to the organizers of the Festival – the leader and collective of the modern dance theatre “Aura” – the biggest success in spreading their creative ideas, finding new friends and fellows, and to the spectators – wonderful moments and unforgettable impressions.

Andrius Kupčinskas
Mayor of Kaunas City  

I would like to congratulate everyone on the 17-th celebration of modern dance!
Only for you are we working and trying our best to turn autumnal Kaunas into an oasis of dance, emotions and feelings. I wish you all the warmest moments!

Gintare Masteikaite
Festival Coordinator

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