YOO RA JUNG (South Korea)

RESPECT (performance)

Choreography: Yoo Ra JungDancers: Yoo Ra Jung, Jumi BaekMusic: Ludovico Einaudi-Divenire AlbumnPremiere: 2013Duration: 20 min.

Endless entanglements and conflictsReality complicated to express with language,Man and woman facing each other, loss of respect.

To be respected is what human desires most. Nothing is stronger than this desire. However, what we have to admit first is that we have forgotten how we respect ourselves. As the shape of movement is intangible, no more than a transitory image,it exists as invisible ignorance of oneself.


Photos by Hanfilm.

Respect_by Hanfilm (4) Respect_by Hanfilm (3) Respect_by Hanfilm (7) Respect_by Hanfilm (6)




Yoo Ra Jung continues

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JAE SEUNG KIM (South Korea)


GENTLEMAN (performance)

Choreographer and performer: Jae Seung KimChoreography assistant: Jang Yun NaMusic director: Lee AramMusic: Lee Aram (DaeGeum), Yeo Seongryong (JangGu)Premiere: 2013Duration: 17 min.

In 2013 “Gentleman” received a Grand Prize at solo dance category in Seoul International Choreographing Festival.

This original Korean title of the piece comes from the Chinese character ja “子” which represents a child spreading his arms and signifies “son”. In this piece, the artist hopes to portray a man who is both a man in love with a woman and the son of a woman.

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MAGICAL EYE (performance)

Choreography: Roh, Jung SikText: Hye Jeon HongDancers: Jung Oh Ha, In Young Hwang, Min Woo Bae, Boram Lee, Ji Eun Heo, Min Kyung Yoo, Jin Joo Ahn, Ji Hei ChoiMusic: Sun Ho RyuCostumes: Kyung Seul BaeStage: Jong Young LeeLights: Jung Hwa KimPremiere: 2011Duration: 40 min.

In 2013 “Magical Eye” received a Grand Prize at group dance category in Seoul International Choreographing Festival.

Gaze Induction technique, or so-called “Magical Eye”, is an inducement method in a state of trance by leading one to

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TRASH (performance)

Artistic Director and performer: Arturo LugoLighting Design: Sebastian SolórzanoPremiere: 2014Duration: 30 min

“Trash” is an experimental performance which shows the construction of a being´s internal evocations and environment, through the transformation of a being others can appreciate his ability to mutate. “Trash” unveils a Monster´s nature that rejects the moral aesthetics and social classifications, showing that the empowerment of ideas is what allows him to exist and move in a landscape of saturation where the most important thing is the internal transformation.

Photos by Rubén Espinosa.

Trash_Photo by Rubén Espinosa (3) Trash_Photo by Rubén Espinosa (2) Trash_Photo by Rubén Espinosa (1)







“Amplio Espectro”is

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Choreography: Víctor Manuel Ruiz, Claudia Lavista, Omar Carrum and Michael Foley


“Luminous passages” – a project by Delfos Contemporary Dance, presenting four miniatures of contemporary dance. Delfos Contemporary Dance delegates to AURA’24 festival three significant creators from Mexico: dancer, choreographer and dance teacher Claudia Lavista, dancer, choreographer, teacher and light designer Viktor Manuel Ruiz and choreographer, dancer Omar Carrum.

“We see choreography as a collection of maps that describe the aesthetic location of the artist in relation to the journey he or she embarks upon to discover unknown islands or recognize inner territories. The movement

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NOSOTROS (US) (performance)

Stage direction and choreography: Jaciel Neri, in collaboration with the performers of “Cuatro x Cuatro.”Assistant Director: Janaina Stephanie OchoaDancers: Victor Villasana and Cuatro x Cuatro: ! Luis Vallejo, Vazquez and Shanti Sendic VeraMusic: Joaquin Lopez “Chas”, Conjunto AfricaCostumes: Jaciel NeriLights: Jesica Elizondo / Jaciel Neri Premiere: 2012Duration: 50 min


For this piece choreographer Jaciel Neri was awarded with the XXXI Premio INBA-UAM which is known as the most important choreographic prize in México.

In Mexico being “carnal” of someone is being more than friends, like half

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For the first time in Lithuania the festival AURA’24 presents Mexican contemporary dance. The performers of the evening will invite the audience to discover Monster‘s nature, to learn about typical world of Mexican men and to explore inner maps of movement.

The Mexican evening consists of three performances and the improvisational afterparty where the audience is invited to taste Mexican food and drinks as well as to move according Mexican rhythms on the dancefloor. No te pierdas!


AMPLIO ESPECTRO “Trash”, 30 minDELFOS CONTEMPORARY DANCE “Luminous passages”, 35 min.MOVING BORDERS “Nosotros”, 50 min.


For the first time in Lithuania the festival AURA’24 presents South Korean contemporary dance. The audience will see three performances which represent the beauty of preserved Korean traditions, consider the meaning of respect for oneself and the other, reveal the secret of “Magical Eye” technique that forces to lose track of time while.

YOO RA JUNG “Respect”, 20 min.JAE SEUNG KIM “Gentelman”, 25 min.ROH DANCE PROJECT “Magical Eye”, 40 min.



50 FACES OF EVA (performance)

Choreography and dancers: Elwira Piorun, Maga Radłowska, Paulina ŚwięcańskaPremiere: 2014Duration: 60 min.


Three women. Three worlds. Three incarnations. The 50 faces of Eva presents three totally different female characters. They have different origins. They come from different places. They build different relationships with men. Dancers show strong and independent businesswomen. Women who are closed. Women who are liberated. Women who are dominant and women who are dominated.

What do you think, how many faces has “Eva” nowadays?

Photos by Kasia Chmura.

foto_kasia_chmura_print-0135 foto_kasia_chmura_print-0199









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TRANSMISSION (performance)

Choreography and idea: Gun Lund in a collaboration with dancersDancers: Luisa Denward, Rebecca Evanne, Gunilla Jansson, Torun Odlöw, Olof Persson, Åsa ThegerströmSound design: David SundqvistCostume: Maja Johansson & Sophia SvenssonLight design: Finn Pettersson & Lars PerssonPremiere: 2012Duration: 50 min.


Touch, perception, surface, texture… the skin, the sensation is the largest of all our senses. For a long time Gun Lund has taken special interest in the tactile. It is said that we can perceive vibrations in a room, a sort of expansion of the body

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TWO ROOM APARTMENT (performance)

By and with: Niv Sheinfeld & Oren LaorBased on the 1987 dance work by Nir Ben Gal and Liat DrorMusic: Ori Vidislavski (original music), Elton John, Vains of JennaArtistic advisor: Keren LeviCostumes: Niv Sheinfeld & Oren LaorLights: Netta KorenCoproduction with Centre National de la Danse (Paris) and Grand Theater (Groningen)Premiere: 2012Duration: 50 min.


The work was chosen as Best Performance of the Year by the Israeli Dance Critics’ Circle for 2013. After the premiere in October 2012, in two years, “Two Room Apartment” was performed

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LUCIOLA (performance)

Conception and choreography: Karine PontiesDancers: Ares D’Angelo, Eric Domeneghetty, Shantala Pèpe, Vilma Pitrinaite (former dancer of AURA Dance Theatre)Music: David MonceauText: Eric Domeneghetty, Karine PontiesLights designer and artistic adviser: Guillaume Toussaint FromentinSet designer: Wilfrid RocheCoproduction with La Briqueterie – CDC du Val de Marne (France), Les Brigittines (Belgium), Le Gymnase – CDC Roubaix Nord Pas de Calais.Premiere: 2013Duration: 60 min.


“Luciola” was nominated by the French Community of Belgium’s Critics Prize for the best dance performance of 2013.

“We have lost our claws, our breaks,

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MR. NICE GUY (performance)

Choreographer an performer: Anat Grigorio Co-creators: Sascha Engel – text & voice Original music and sound design: Idan Shimoni Music: Edith Piaf, DanskiArtistic advisors: Niv Sheinfeld and Oren LaorLight design: Shachar Werechason Dramaturgy: Shira BejeranoRehearsal assistant: Ilana BellahsenPremiere: 2013 Duration: 45 min


Anat Grigorio’s latest solo performance “Mr. Nice Guy” was premiered in prestigious “Israel Festival” on June 2013 in Jerusalem and since then performed in various venues in Israel and abroad. Tour schedule for 2014 includes venues and festivals in Europe, Asia and Americas.

Anat Grigorio Dance

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DANCE DANCE DANCE (performance)

Choreography: Raphael BiancoDancers : Elisa Bertoli, Maela Boltri, Melissa Boltri, Vanessa Franke,Alessandro Romano, Vincenzo Criniti, Vincenzo Galano, Cristinan MaguranoMusic: David Hykes, John Cage, John AdamsPremiere: 2012Duration: 75 min.

The title of this piece is inspired by the novel of the visionary Japanese writer Haruki Murakami: dance is considered as an action, in order not to shrink into oneself, overcome difficulties and gain new dimensions of existence, consciousness and fullness.

The performance has three pieces: Sacred Dance, Secret Dance, Simply Dance.

In Sacred Dance the focus is based on the

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SFUMATO (performance)

Conception, choreography: Rachid OuramdaneCreation assistant: Erell MelscoëtPerformers: Jean-Baptiste André, Brice Bernier, Deborah Lennie-Bisson, Mille Lundt, Ruben Sanchez, Lora JuodkaiteMusic: Jean-Baptiste JulienText: Sonia ChiambrettoVideo: Aldo Lee, Jacques HoepffnerCostumes: La BouretteLights: Stéphane GraillotSet: Sylvain GiraudeauPremiere: 2012, Biennale de la danse – Lyon (France)Duration: 75 min.



The pain comes with broken dreams, lost illusions of a promised land./ A fight against nature, „Paris – Normandie“ 09/11/12/

On „Sfumato’s“ stage, Rachid Ouramdane gives a fantasmatic vision of “climate refugees’s”

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 CVs (performance)

Choreography: Paul Hess (Germany), in a collaboration with the dancersCo-choreographer: Daniel Medeiros (Brasil/Germany)Dancers: Daniel Medeiros, Ema Nedobežkina, Paulius Prievelis, Gintarė Ščavinskaitė, Anna Karen Gonzalez, Alfredo Flores Ayon, Israel Ismael Infante Salazar, Kyrie OdaMusic: Chuck E.Weiss, Bill Frisell, David Hudson, Big bad Voodoo Daddy, The Doors, Gloria Estefan, Guided Meditation, Messer Chups, Nuit Blanche, The PussywarmersLights: Vladimiras ŠerstabojevasCostumes: Aistė Julita Pauliukevičiūtė, Greta ŪbaitėRehearsal assistant: Siri Maja Kristin ElmqvistPremiere: 9th of October 2014 in the festival AURA‘24


… mother’s face, first pap, accident with the bike, first tender love at school,

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