MAGICAL EYE (performance)

Choreography: Roh, Jung Sik
Text: Hye Jeon Hong
Dancers: Jung Oh Ha, In Young Hwang, Min Woo Bae, Boram Lee, Ji Eun Heo, Min Kyung Yoo, Jin Joo Ahn, Ji Hei Choi
Music: Sun Ho Ryu
Costumes: Kyung Seul Bae
Stage: Jong Young Lee
Lights: Jung Hwa Kim
Premiere: 2011
Duration: 40 min.

In 2013 “Magical Eye” received a Grand Prize at group dance category in Seoul International Choreographing Festival.

Gaze Induction technique, or so-called “Magical Eye”, is an inducement method in a state of trance by leading one to gaze at a light, gleaming object. It can be referred to as a combination form of hypnosis and Qigong, rooted in healing magic in premodern times.

Intention behind the choreography

Since civilization, contrary to other species, human being came to refrain from explicitly ranking the hierarchical order. However, since human being operates a similar survival program as the mammal and reptile in its cerebral level, when one evades the eye contact of a counterpart, subconscious rank order forms between the two.

Probably this is the reason behind a Korean viewpoint, in which young adults are considered disrespectful when looking straight into the eye of elders.

As the time of speaking without blinking one’s eye gets longer, the conscious mind also recognizes the awkwardness and reacts with repulsion. One should keep in mind that hypnosis works only when they succeed to ‘bypass the critical thinking of the conscious mind’.

This technique should be applied to practical use in a short term basis only in required moments. If Magical Eye or physical contact technical is forcefully used against someone of a higher social rank, the subconscious mind will recognize it even if the conscious mind fails to. Therefore, I forewarn that using this technique may harm the relationship.

Now, you have discovered one secret of the ancient technique of “Magical Eye that dominates over one’s mind”, just as in a legend, myth, or some fiction you read. Do not forget that Medusa, who had the ability of domineering over others by one glance of look, failed to control her own power and became a stone herself by her own force.


Photos by Yong Hoon Han.

Magical Eye by YongHoon Han (14) Magical Eye by YongHoon Han (11) Magical Eye by YongHoon Han (10) Magical Eye by YongHoon Han (3) Magical Eye by YongHoon Han (1)













The works of Jung Sik Roh are organized with the minimum equipment and props. Roh rather focuses on body as a basic element of dance. Watching J.S. Roh’s works are like losing track of time when listening to a great story teller.

As the CEO of Roh Dance Project and the chief dancer of the Toetmaru Dance Company, Mr. Roh has been choreographed and directed over 40 works.

Mr. Roh mostly tries to focus on the fundamental beauty of Korean traditions. With those efforts, his works could bring bond of sympathy from many audiences.

In 2004, while being a chief dancer in Toetmaru Dance Company, Jung Sik Roh established his own dance company Roh Dance Project (RDP). RDP’s debut work “Irreversible” was premiered at Seoul Arts Center and recognized as a “well-made work” by critics and audiences.


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