CVs (performance)

Choreography: Paul Hess (Germany), in a collaboration with the dancers
Co-choreographer: Daniel Medeiros (Brasil/Germany)
Dancers: Daniel Medeiros, Ema Nedobežkina, Paulius Prievelis, Gintarė Ščavinskaitė, Anna Karen Gonzalez, Alfredo Flores Ayon, Israel Ismael Infante Salazar, Kyrie Oda
Music: Chuck E.Weiss, Bill Frisell, David Hudson, Big bad Voodoo Daddy, The Doors, Gloria Estefan, Guided Meditation, Messer Chups, Nuit Blanche, The Pussywarmers
Vladimiras Šerstabojevas

Costumes: Aistė Julita Pauliukevičiūtė, Greta Ūbaitė
Rehearsal assistant: Siri Maja Kristin Elmqvist
9th of October 2014 in the festival AURA‘24


… mother’s face, first pap, accident with the bike, first tender love at school, good or bad school certificate, first hangover, papa’s gone, mother’s ill, grandma’s cakes, love sick, pimples, angst, dead pet, roller skates, broken leg, silence, failed diploma, car crash, red shoes, kisses, very bad concert, jealousy, no sports, good job, grandpa’s death, holiday adventures, abortion, divorce, 50000 YouTube clicks, nightmare, cold fingers, stop smoking, sunset, new car, attack, no job, pills, lottery payout, fantastic dance performance, contemplation on a cemetery, go into retirement, the red wine dilemma, parents pass away, ride on a white horse, smelling oranges, romantic poem, an apple a day, bad diagnosis, nice flowers, last pap, gone with the wind…

The project Curricula Vitarum is a co-production of artscenico, the choreographer Paul Hess and AURA Dance Theatre. The premiere of the performance will take place in Kaunas on the 9th of October 2014, followed by performances in Lithuania, Germany and other European countries.

CVs is the first production by newly completed international dance troupe of AURA Dance Theatre as well as their first collaboration together with Paul Hess in this production. After co-operations at the Grynparkas festival in Kaunas (embedded in nature) and Heimat surreal in Dortmund in 2013, CVs is the third joint work of artscenico and AURA.



Paul Hess is a freelance artist based in Germany. He dances internationally in different companies and formations with such choreographers as Susanne Linke, Daniel Goldin, Jerome Bel, Anna Konjetzky and others. Since 2008 he is a guest-dancer of Tanztheater Wuppertal/Pina Bausch company. He also works with great contemporary media and installation artists like Ed Atkins. His choreographies got awarded with Jury and Audience prizes.

artscenico performing arts and Paul Hess became strong partners during many productions. In 2013 they visited Kaunas to create and perfrom at Grynparkas festival. During this project Paul Hess got in contact and realized the potential of AURA Dance Theatre. The idea of a German-Lithuanian co-production was born. With his new work CVs the choreographer wants to deepen the contact in a creative work.


Photos by Paul Hess, Rūta Taraškevičiūtė.

CVs_Paul Hess CVs_4_Ruta Taraskeviciute CVs_3_Ruta Taraskeviciute CVs_2_Ruta Taraskeviciute CVs_6_Ruta Taraskeviciute CVs_5_Ruta Taraskeviciute













AURA_219_x_219122AURA Dance Theatre is the only municipal theatre of contemporary dance in Lithuania and one of a very few companies of contemporary dance in Lithuania that shows the skills of the professional dance. AURA Dance Theatre was founded by a famous Lithuanian choreographer Birute Letukaite who is also the artistic director of the theatre.

AURA took part in various international events, represented Lithuania’s contemporary dance in 27 foreign countries, performed at more than 162 festivals, created 225 dance performances, worked with 35 choreographers from Lithuania and abroad, more than 170 Lithuanian and foreign dancers worked at the theatre.

AURA has about 50 municipal, national and international awards. In 2006, Birute Letukaite was awarded the Golden Stage Cross for the choreography of performance Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Songs and in 2008 she became a winner of Lithuanian Republic Government Culture and Art Award. In 2013 Birute Letukaite has received the second Golden Stage Cross for the significant input to the contemporary Lithuanian dance art and Kaunas City Culture and Art award.

Already for 24 years AURA Dance Theatre organizes one of the greatest dance festivals in Lithuania – International Dance Festival AURA – which supplements the autumn program of cultural events in Kaunas.



Artscenico_logoBased in the Ruhr area in Dortmund, artscenico performing arts has been working as an independent company since 1991, staging theatrical and dance productions as well as multi-disciplinary performances. As a company “without a real home” it focuses the artistic work on special spaces and places. Site-specific productions have become the main field of interest for artscenico`s artistic realizations over the last years. Abandoned industrial wasteland, former factory halls, public parks and other non-theatre places lay the foundations for new and unusual pieces of art derived from the different perspectives of many artists and realms of arts including the artistic activity of dancers, actors, authors and singers as well as photographers, film-makers, musicians and even scientists or athletes.

artscenico is a public non-profit organization. The artistic director Rolf Dennemann is the director, author and actor.,


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