JAE SEUNG KIM (South Korea)


GENTLEMAN (performance)

Choreographer and performer: Jae Seung Kim
Choreography assistant: Jang Yun Na
Music director: Lee Aram
Music: Lee Aram (DaeGeum), Yeo Seongryong (JangGu)
Premiere: 2013
Duration: 17 min.

In 2013 “Gentleman” received a Grand Prize at solo dance category in Seoul International Choreographing Festival.

This original Korean title of the piece comes from the Chinese character ja “子” which represents a child spreading his arms and signifies “son”. In this piece, the artist hopes to portray a man who is both a man in love with a woman and the son of a woman.

“Gentleman” is based on Hanryang-mu, a traditional Korean dance piece that is representative of male dance. The work explores a range of experimental breathing and seeks new aesthetics of movement from traditional Korean dance. This is done first by analyzing the gestures and breathing of Hanryang-mu, then disassembling the continuous flow of its movements to individual parts and finally reassembling them to create contemporary movements. The accompanying music is based on the traditional melodies of DaeGeum (large bamboo transverse flute) and familiar rhythms of JangGu (traditional Korean drum with an hourglass shape), it embodies and reveals the style, fun and the aesthetics of “jeong-jung-dong“ (stillness amid the movement) embedded in traditional Korean culture. All the while, it does not forget to add a touch of diversity that creates a unique ambience which in turn integrates different yet complementary elements into the piece.


Photos by Kim Hoon.

Gentleman_photo by Kim Hoon Gentleman_photo by Kim Hoon (3) Gentleman_photo by Kim Hoon (2)








Jae Seung Kim graduated from the School of Dance at Korea National University of Arts in Seoul with both Bachelor‘s and Master‘s degrees in fine arts and completed PhD at Dankook University. An outstanding dancer and emerging choreographer, he boasts extraordinary dance techniques that traverse and encompass modern and traditional dance. As executive director of Maholra Company, he has presented a host of intriguing choreographic endeavors including “Corea Ura”, “Honpuri” and others.

He won the gold medal at the 37th Dong-A Dance Competition in Seoul and in 2011 was selected to participate in the Performance Artists Incubating Program for emerging choreographers, which is supported by the Arts Council Korea (ArKo).

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/MaholraCompany.