TRANSMISSION (performance)

Choreography and idea: Gun Lund in a collaboration with dancers
Dancers: Luisa Denward, Rebecca Evanne, Gunilla Jansson, Torun Odlöw, Olof Persson, Åsa Thegerström
Sound design: David Sundqvist
Costume: Maja Johansson & Sophia Svensson
Light design: Finn Pettersson & Lars Persson
Premiere: 2012
Duration: 50 min.


Touch, perception, surface, texture… the skin, the sensation is the largest of all our senses. For a long time Gun Lund has taken special interest in the tactile. It is said that we can perceive vibrations in a room, a sort of expansion of the body via senses we can’t visually register.

“Transmission” – a vibrotactile experience, is a dance and technology experiment focusing on the sensory system. Letting the tactile take precedence over the visible and audible, the dancers listen and respond to their own sensory system and to each other, but also to electromagnetic impulses received through vibrators attached to the body. In several layers “Transmission” is a dialogue between dancers and audiences communicating via remote controls, through invisible waves and touch at a distance.

Photos by Lisa Thanner.

Transmission_foto Lisa ThannerTransmission_Lisa ThannerTransmission_Lisa Thanner_2






Gun Lund is famous for grand-scale site specifics and a wide range of works for the stage. For more than 30 years she has been at the forefront of Swedish dance, changing the perspectives of audiences and questioning the perception and reality we take for granted. She was awarded the Swedish Theatre Critics Dance Prize, and holds a lifetime award for her “high quality and great importance in Swedish cultural life”. Gun Lund is also one of three artistic directors of the dance venue “3:e Våningen” (3rd Floor) in Gothenburg.

E=mc2 Dance is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Västra Götaland and Göteborg City Culture Committee. A special thank you to the Lithuanian Embassy in Sweden.