MR. NICE GUY (performance)

Choreographer an performer: Anat Grigorio
Co-creators: Sascha Engel – text & voice
Original music and sound design: Idan Shimoni
Music: Edith Piaf, Danski
Artistic advisors: Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor
Light design: Shachar Werechason

Dramaturgy: Shira Bejerano
Rehearsal assistant: Ilana Bellahsen
Premiere: 2013

Duration: 45 min


Anat Grigorio’s latest solo performance “Mr. Nice Guy” was premiered in prestigious “Israel Festival” on June 2013 in Jerusalem and since then performed in various venues in Israel and abroad. Tour schedule for 2014 includes venues and festivals in Europe, Asia and Americas.

Anat Grigorio Dance Projects combine contemporary dance and physical theater creating multidisciplinary art works and collaborations with artists on both national and international arenas. The work is based on constant exploration of the human body through natural sensuality that is hidden in simple mundane activities and takes roots in constant research of human spirit, behavior and consciousness, their limits, roles and influences on each other.

I was instantly caught up in the solo called Mr. Nice Guy by the outstanding dancer/choreographer Anat Grigorio. It graphically or should I say choreographically and performatively dealt with the politics of The Male Gaze as it’s come to be known. What is the effect of the male looking at the woman and objectifying her? / Judith Brin Ingber “Dance in Israel” /


Photos by Gadi Dagon.

Anat Grigorio by Gadi Dagon (3) Anat Grigorio by Gadi Dagon (2) Anat Grigorio by Gadi Dagon (1)







Anat Grigorio (1974) grew up in Petach Tikva, Israel. Her love and passion for dance started when she was 6 years old, through the years she developed her skills in gymnastics, steps, modern jazz, classical ballet, contemporary dance and physical theater.

Anat is a stage artist based in Tel Aviv and is a member of the Israeli Choreographers’ association. She has been creating since 2003 and is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture. Anat Grigorio is giving workshops and master classes in international as well as Israeli colleges and festivals.

Anat has been trained as a dancer and a performer at the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Co., Ido Tadmor Dance Co., Thieery Moral physical theater (France).

In 2009, during the International Festival Pula Puff in Croatia, Anat premiered her piece “Katuk” and received “Wind Award” which aims to recognize fresh directions in dance and theatre”. Her piece “Katuk” was created in collaboration with butho artist Adam Reed, a leading actor in “Cirque du Soleil”.

In 2011, during the residency on Canary Islands, Anat created her first dance film “AnimaAnimus” with an Israeli choreographer – Sharon Friedman and a Spanish filmmaker Damian Varella.

Sponsered by: Israel festival, Ministry of culture and sport

Thanks to: Suzanne Dellal center, Miki Avni, Sharon Fridman.



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