TRASH (performance)

Artistic Director and performer: Arturo Lugo
Lighting Design: Sebastian Solórzano
Premiere: 2014
30 min

“Trash” is an experimental performance which shows the construction of a being´s internal evocations and environment, through the transformation of a being others can appreciate his ability to mutate. “Trash” unveils a Monster´s nature that rejects the moral aesthetics and social classifications, showing that the empowerment of ideas is what allows him to exist and move in a landscape of saturation where the most important thing is the internal transformation.

Photos by Rubén Espinosa.

Trash_Photo by Rubén Espinosa (3) Trash_Photo by Rubén Espinosa (2) Trash_Photo by Rubén Espinosa (1)







“Amplio Espectro”is a newly formed company led by Arturo Lugo, performance artist graduated from the Professional School of Dance in Mazatlan (EPDM). Arturo Lugo received support from the FONCA (National Funding for Culture and Art) for 2011-2013 to form part of the first cast of dancers. The company has worked in artistic collaboration with “Cuatro x Cuatro” Arte Escénico Company led by Shanti Vera.

“Amplio Espectro” seeks the experimentation of the performance scene by collaborating with different partners. The choreographic experimentation “Trash” was created in the post-graduate program in choreography Interactions, Bodies in Dialogue, supported by the Arts Center of San Augustine and the National Dance Coordination, this piece has been presented in the international dance festival “Cuatro x Cuatro” and the ALIAC cultural center in Mexico city.

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