Merav COHEN REINAN (Izrael)

Merav Cohen Reinan

 Merav Cohen Reinan is an independent choreographer, born in 1983. Today she works at the Akko Theatre Hamama for Dance.

During the years 2011 she created the solo “When the Beast Returned“, which was first staged in Gvanim Festival in Suzanne Dellal centre. It was also staged in the international Puf festival in pula, Croatia, and in Akko Theatre. Choreographer is also known because of the “Dreams in Aspamia“, “Doves Drowned in the Lake” and “Little Tel Aviv”.

During the years 1999-2012 Merav danced in Bat Kol Dance Group, and with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. She worked with Idan Cohen, Maya Dunsky, Smadar Yaaron, Osnat Shnek Yosef. Keren Ida Nathan, Ido Tadmor and more.

Merav graduated WIZO Haifa Art School, majoring in dance. She also graduated the Workshop for Preparing Dancers by the association for dance, Haifa. Merav is a certified instructor in shadow yoga, and studied Butoh with Maya Dunsky. She instructs improvisation workshops, influenced by the Boutoh technique, and the Grotowski method.


Ido Tadmor

Ido Tadmor the 2011 winner of the highly respected “Landau Prize” in Israel for life acchivement. Last year he celebrate his thirty years of international career.

A lead dancer, choreographer,  judge in professional dance competitions in Isarel and elsewhere, artistic director of competitions and festivals.

Ido Tadmor began his studies at the Bat Dor Dance  School,  shortly afterwards join to the Bat Dor Dance Company,  and later on to Bat Sheva Dance Company as lead dancer in many works created by famous choreographers from all over the world. Ido invited to perform as a lead dancer in Lar Lubovitch well known Dance Company in New York.

As a teacher, Tadmor has taught in the leading dance companies in the world, in Israel and in famous schools in Europe-e.g. the Dance Academy in Rome and Artemis in Amsterdam.

During the past 3 decades Ido Tadmor has represented the State of Israel around the world as an “Ambassador of Dance”. He performed in many places around the world as a lead dancer in dance companies, as well as a Principal dancer  in many Gala evenings. Tadmor has been awarded several grants from numerous sources including The American Israel Cultural Foundation, Municipality of Tel Aviv, Municipality of Haifa and other public bodies and foundations encouraging cultural activities in Israel.

Excerpt from “When the Beast Returned“:

“I had a tail. Shedding my skin, I lay on the ground, as a beast.
My teeth were blades hungry for a tender lamb
I was a demon becoming my master’s puppet, his toy.
Camouflaging in the weeds, I watered them, hoping the grass would grow in my belly.
I anticipated meeting fear, and listening to its music.
I savored the pain.”

This is a coarse monolog of a slaughterer and the victim within him.



“Tadmor gives of himself completely to his part, and is massive, slow and tormented as a beast”. Gabi Eldor, Habama.

“One of the most moving solos I’ve seen” Ruth Eshel, Haaretz. 

Choreography: Merav Cohen Reinan.
Dancer: Ido Tadmor
Original music: Ilan Shalom
Wardrobe: Michal Capelluto
Lighting design: Shachar Verchzon
Artistic assistance: Idit Herman
Duration: 26 min.